GetClose Receives New Content + Upcoming Sale

Published on May 8th, 2015 by Warbird

**This article is solely dedicated to discussing the newest update for ‘GetClose’. For more information on the game itself, you can find our review of the game here.**

Get Close Gameplay

GetClose: A game for RIVALS is soon receiving a new update that is chock-full of shiny new stuff, including a new Game mode and 2 new characters. The new game mode will be ‘Protect the Crown’, opposed to the already existing game mode ‘Capture the Crown’. Unlike the other two existing game modes, in Protect the Crown, you must defeat the enemies and protect the crown for as long as you can. This mode will come with single-player, as well as the option to play co-op, 8 levels, 5 baddies, and 2 new starkids (playable characters), Cat-B and Fred.

new baddies

In addition to the new content, GetClose now offers Off-TV mode, so that you may play the game strictly on the Gamepad without having to stare up at the TV screen (not sure if this is new to this update, but it wasn’t featured in our review, so we decided to talk about it anyway). The update has just been approved by Nintendo, and should be hitting consoles Thursday, May 14th. And to celebrate the coming update, GetClose will be on sale from May 14th to May 28th at a steal price of $1.99. So as soon as that update hits, get your wallets ready, go to the eShop, and buy GetClose! You can watch the updated trailer below.

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