How To Beat Marth’s The Hero King Paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage

Published on February 4th, 2023 by Gervais D.

Marth’s The Hero King paralogue is the last emblem challenge you will unlock in Fire Emblem Engage. The Pact Ring paralogue follows, but it isn’t an emblem challenge. This guide will teach you some tips on how to defeat Marth and The Hero King paralogue’s stage without losing any units on HARD + Permadeath.

How To Beat The Hero King Paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage

Surprisingly, The Hero King stage isn’t too difficult. You can either go for the treasures first to the left or head straight to Marth. I went for the valuables. To my surprise, it wasn’t a trap. Reinforcements did approach from the bottom of the map, but they weren’t large in numbers. Two winged enemies did arrive later next to Marth, but they weren’t too troublesome.

Once you’re done securing the treasure from the left side of the map, get your units to the right. The narrow door of the castle is the best place to fight Marth and his allies. I kept some units on the right side that I didn’t need for the treasure hunt. After you get the treasure, some of the enemies in the castle do not sit still. They will try to break the door and come out. These units helped kept them at bay.

I kept picking off the armored units and Mages with my long-range units. My Swordmaster with Lyn occupied the single narrow tile to the castle. All of the Sage attacks missed because I was using Corrin’s fog for dodge support. You can play it safe like this or go on the offensive like me with my General unit and Sigurd.

Override (Sigurd’s Engage attack) is perfect for this spot as it moves through a line of adjacent foes. The Rescue staff can be used to pull him out of trouble, but as long as you defeat the Sages in the castle, he should be fine. Marth couldn’t damage my General unit because of his high DEF. Equipping a spear-type weapon that hits with a 1-2 range is recommended.

It may seem obvious but try not to put your units within Marth’s range of attack unless they have a high dodge rate; Lodestar Rush will not be merciful to any of them. I’ve had to reverse turns by mistakenly doing so, thinking my units could survive. My General-class unit tanked his blows while shaving off a decent amount of his lives. Then my other units ganged up on him and finished the job.

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