How To Beat The Time Empress in Cris Tales

Published on August 15th, 2021 by Gervais D.

If you had a tough time with the Volcano Sisters healing themselves in Cris Tales, you’re likely going to start pulling hair strands from your head when you face the Time Empress. Her healing can be annoying, but it is possible to defeat her. This guide will help you.

How To Beat The Time Empress in Cris Tales

The Time Empress has 3811 HP and no weaknesses; however, she isn’t that difficult to beat. That is, once you know the right method to use to defeat her.

Best party members to use for the battle:

  • Crisbell
  • Zas (for regular attack and team healing)
  • Kari Hudo (for her attack boosting skill)

You’re going to want to make sure Crisbell is the fastest member in your party with the speed boots. It’s even better if you have another speed boots to give another party member (Zas). Since the Time Empress has no weaknesses, try to use your regular attacks against her. Kari Hudo has a skill that raises these attacks to deal double their usual damage. Additionally, you’ll want attack boosting items equipped to your characters so they hit the hardest with their regular attacks, especially after Kari’s skill.

During the fight, the Time Empress is going to use her most annoying skill: Perfect Healing. When she uses it, you’re going to want to make sure Crisbell’s turn is next. Regression will undo the activation of the Perfect Healing skill. If another teammate’s turn is before Crisbell, simply pass their turn so their damage doesn’t get undone with the Regression skill.

Crisbell’s Celeritas skill can also be a priority instead of opening attacks, to raise her speed for three turns. It’s to ensure that you can use your Regression skill right after the Time Empress tries to activate Perfect Healing (before she gets another turn between your other characters’ turns). If she manages to keep it active and you miss undoing it, the battle may already be decided before it ends—and it wouldn’t be in your favor.

All of the other skills the Time Empress possesses aren’t too troubling. One of her skills can lower your entire party to 1 HP; however, either Crisbell or Zas can use their party healing skill to recover. If you get everything right, you should win the battle before you know it.

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