How To Find Trainer Shiny Value and Egg Shiny Value Without Instacheck in Pokemon X/Y

Published on March 4th, 2014 by Gervais D.

Instacheck kicked the bucket a couple of months ago, but it didn’t take too long for someone to create a replacement for the tool. Yes, KeySav is another tool that gives Pokemon X/Y players the ability to check their trainer shiny value (TSV) and egg shiny value (ESV).

What does this mean? It’s now possible again for Pokemon X/Y players to IV breed for eggs that contain perfect IV Pokemon and get them hatched as shiny Pokemon.

Nintendo 3DS owners who have a physical/cartridge copy of the game will be required to use a PowerSave Action Replay while people with a digital/eShop copy of the game only need a computer with an SD Card Reader.

KeySav - Hatch Perfect Pokemon in Pokemon X/Y

The developer, Kaphotics, shared a basic tutorial on how to use this tool :

Digital Copy Save files are stored in:

  • X – \title\00040000\00055d00\
  • Y – \title\00040000\00055e00\

Datel PowerSaves are stored in:

  • C:\Users\*\PowerSaves3DS folder.

Initial Setup:

  1. Have an empty box 1 & 2 (can move out of box)
  2. Go capture 6 Pokémon
  3. Have them in slots 1-6 in Box 1
  4. Save once, hard reset, save again
  5. Export your save as “16.bin” (or 16.sav if you have a digital)
  6. Move them to slots 1-6 in Box 2 (keep same order)
  7. Save once, hard reset, save again
  8. Export your save as “26.bin” (or 26.sav if you have a digital)

Tab #1 from screenshot: Cracking your Keystreams

  1. Open SAV 1 = 26.bin
  2. Open SAV 2 = 16.bin
  3. Click [Break].

If it fails, switch SAV1 & SAV2. You’ve switched their positions ingame).

  1. Save K1 with the suggested filename.
  2. Save K2 with the suggested filename.
  3. Save Blank as Blank.ekx

Tab #2 from screenshot: Box Data Export

  1. Open the Save file you wish to check.
  2. Open the Box keystream of the box you wish to view data for.
  3. Open the Blank.ekx you’ve exported.
  4. Select the Box you wish to dump from. It must match the suggested Box “save as” name.
  5. Select the Data Mode you wish to Dump for: TSV outputs TSVs, the other two output egg/stat-data in different formats.
  6. Click Dump Box. Results will be exported to the lower window.
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