How To Get Moths in Graveyard Keeper (Nintendo Switch)

Published on July 16th, 2019 by Gervais D.

The Lighthouse Keeper needs 6 moths for his first quest he assigns to you, which rewards you with a beginner fishing rod. This guide helps you get moths in the game.

Unlocking the technology

  1. On your controller, press [-]
  2. Press L/R to navigate to the ‘Technologies’ menu.
  3. Press ZL/ZR to navigate to the ‘Farming and Nature’ menu.
  4. Find ‘Inspects’ and press the A button to unlock it.

Getting moths in Graveyard Keeper

Finding moths in Graveyard Keeper

Find flowers to pick at night (they are all over the place) and there is a chance you will find a moth. Try to get at least 6 and then return to the Lighthouse Keeper at day to give him. The quest should be completed and you should collect the fishing rod reward.

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