How To Get Nintendo Items – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Published on June 29th, 2013 by Gervais D.

So you have seen Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime’s house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and you’re over excited about the items from his Nintendo museum, right? Those items are not exclusive to his game just because he’s the president of Nintendo of America. Regular folks like us can collect them too.

How To Get Nintendo Items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

To get these Nintendo items, you will be required to purchase Fortune Cookies from the Nookling store. In my game, there are two fortune cookies available every day. Eat the fortune cookie and you will receive a fortune with a number. Talk to Tommy and select the option to see if your number is lucky. If you get lucky and the number from your fortune cookie is a winner, you will get a Nintendo item.

Numbers range from 1 to 50. The list of Nintendo items below shows you what you get for each number that you obtain after purchasing and eating a fortune cookie. The blank spaces from the list are losing numbers – that means you will not obtain a Nintendo item, however, Tommy will get you a regular item to cheer you up over the loss.

List of Nintendo items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf :

  1. Mushroom Mural
  2. Block Floor
  3. Hero’s Tunic
  4. Hero’s Pants (Zelda)
  5. Peach’s Paraso
  6. Hero’s Cap (Zelda)
  7. Majora’s Mask
  8. Samus Mask
  9. Midna Mask
  10. Toad Hat
  11. Red Pikmin Hat
  12. Blue Pikmin Hat
  13. Yellow Pikmin Hat
  14. Block
  15. Coin
  16. Flag Pole
  17. Fire Flower
  18. Super Mushroom
  19. Green Shell
  20. Starman
  21. One-Up Mushroom
  22. Question Mark Block
  23. Green Pipe
  24. Fire Bar
  25. Bill Blaster
  26. Yoshi Egg
  27. Triple Shells
  28. Kart
  29. Pikmin
  30. Blue Falcon
  31. Master Sword (Zelda)
  32. Arwing (Star Fox)
  33. Triforce
  34. S.S. Dolphin
  35. Virtual Boy
  36. Wii Balance Board
  37. Varia Suit Pants (Metroid)
  38. Varia Suit Boots (Metroid)
  39. Bad Bro ‘Stache (Mario)
  40. Big Bro ‘Stache (Mario)
  41. Varia Suit (Metroid)
  42. Metroid
  43. Triple Bananas
  44. Hero’s Boots (Zelda)
  45. Fi Mask

How to purchase fortune cookies from the Nookling store?

Unfortunately, Tommy does not accept Bells for fortune cookies. Instead, he takes Play Coins (learn how to get Play Coins on the Nintendo 3DS). Tommy asks for 2 Play Coins per fortune cookie. Play Coins aren’t difficult to obtain, however, do not reset your game if you spent them because they will not return.

Extra info: There is a Nintendo item that is not obtainable via Nooklings. It’s the Wario Hat – well, it looks similar to Wario’s hat. I discovered this Wario hat at Labelle’s accessory shop. There might be more, so keep a close eye on her store daily.

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