Miiverse, YouTube and More Confirmed for 3DS

Published on November 14th, 2013 by Eric Weichhart
Miiverse for Nintendo 3DS
Finally we got that big update!


Finally. the big social app is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. There will also be a web-based version of Miiverse and probably a smartphone version as well.


If you want another way to watch those funny cat videos on YouTube, you might be happy to know that a YouTube app will be available for the Nintendo 3DS. What we do not know yet is if it will include the 3D option.

Cross Nintendo Network ID:

This will combine the Wii U eShop service with the 3DS one allowing to use of the same funds and maybe even a cross-play feature. The only thing that can make this better is an account system so users can recover their games if their console breaks.

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