Orion’s Odyssey Review

Published on December 13th, 2013 by Eric Weichhart


Second try… better experience!
If you remember Hands On! Tangrams, the main problem was the replay value. This successor offers similar gameplay and more replay value, but is it better?


Orion's Odyssey Gameplay
Similar gameplay, different taste.

This time you wouldn’t see tangrams. Instead, you will see dissection puzzles. The idea is similar, however, you will be using 7 different geometric pieces and be able to play an extended version of the famous puzzle.

Now you will have 6 different shapes, with unlimited quantity, to place them and form different objects. Also, instead of a time limit, the game use a point system based on the pieces you used.

Like the other game, there is ten different themes with ten puzzles each, but this time, the game presents a story mode, and a more original way to present the puzzles used in the game. Also, the story can be very childish at times therefore the older viewers can skip the story animation by pressing start.

At this rate, it feels like the same game yet different in some aspects. However, the good part is that it isn’t similar. Every puzzle has different ways to resolve the levels, so with just that you have a little replay value because you can beat your high scores and find better ways to do the figure.

Also there is a Challenge mode once you finish the different themes of the game, you will have the same figures but with some limits, needing to discover the right place of the figures. This adds enough replay value to play the entire game again, so you will be playing this game at least twice.

With that explanation on how to play, now we focus on the controls. Actually, they are the same as the other game, but this time it is better explained with the tutorial at the start of the game. This is still very annoying if you have to use the shoulders to rotate and the button X to flip, but there’s a easier way: With one hand you use the D-pad to rotate and flip the figures and with the other hand you use the stylus to move the pieces.

Orion's Odyssey Gameplay
The score you won is needed to buy extras.

Of course, you have to grab the console with the hand you use for the D-pad. In a reverse way if you were to use the other hand, instead of the D-pad you can easily use the button X and L without problem.

The main problem, the replay value, is fixed because you have the main story, the free play to find better ways and beat your high scores and also the challenge mode, which allows you to play the entire game again as the name of the mode, with significant challenge.

Also with the score you collect, you can buy extras. Those extras, for example, can be music files (to hear the soundtrack), and bios files (to know about the character and being able to watch the animations).


The game uses sprites, most of them animated, presenting more quality than the other game. The game looks nice and more polished. Also like the previous game, the game uses a child-friendly design, but this time with a better presentation.

The soundtrack, sadly, still uses music per theme which can be somewhat irritating for those people who need a lot of time to beat each puzzle, and moreover if they watch and read the story mode. On the plus side, at least the soundtrack has a little better quality this time.

There is also more sounds in this game, and most of them have good quality sound for being a DSi Ware title.

In the soundtrack section, there is music per theme that will repeat over and over again which in other words means a song every 10 puzzles. It can be annoying for some people if they need a lot of time to finish each puzzle.

With that, I should say it is better than before however it may still need some work in the audio section.


Orion's Odyssey Gameplay
The story is a good addition, being perfect for the younger audience.

The game’s presentation is excellently made as it wasn’t only intended to create a better replay value but they also added a story, a challenge mode and finally, a better tutorial when you start the game.

The game also offers some reason to still play, for instance: find better ways to beat the puzzles and also by collecting points to buy all the extras of the game.





Orion's OdysseyVERDICT: 80/100 (Good)
This time, you have a better game at the same price, offering the replay value that the other game needed but lacked. Puzzler lovers will like this game and it is also a safe game that parents can buy for their children.

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