Pyramids 2: Customization Challenge (3DS eShop Review)

Published on October 25th, 2014 by Dwi Krisdianto

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While puzzle genre sounds difficult, defined by its own term, many puzzle games have been developed for casual gamers, both on consoles and handhelds. And that is where Enjoy Gaming strikes back. They try the second attempt, bringing different level of their previous successful game, Pyramids. The sequel is simply called Pyramids 2, with new challenging levels and features. I did not play the prequel, therefore the sequel would be my first taste.

The premise of Pyramids 2, like the predecessor, is simple. You are a traveler/brick builder thrown into a pyramid-esque environment. You are tasked to find the key first before accessing the door to the next level. Six areas with nine levels each, your progress in each level is ranked by stars. If you unlock the door before the time runs out and collecting all items required, you will get more stars.

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You could say that the enhancements Enjoy Gaming bring to Pyramids 2 are no more than varied gameplay. It could be seen from two views: casual gamers might be fond of this since the game still lays to the original difficulty. New enemies are quite a sight, but they don’t really change the gameplay. New mechanisms introduced in the sequel are better, including using lamps through darkness levels, heavy blocks, or even black holes that once made me got stuck on Level 1-6.

The other view could say that Pyramids 2 lacks innovation – more or less. From my personal view alone, the game has no sense of urgency to finish each level. First, the time limit set serves no purpose since you will not die once the time runs out. Second, it needs more adrenaline to hook players, since the gameplay pace is rather slow, though Pyramids 2 is imbued with some grams of platformer element. I would imagine the game with more speed – compared to Super Meat Boy – but it might hurt casual gamers that love slower pace.

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And though the game also lacks varied soundtracks, I really appreciate the Editor Mode provided here. You can customize and test your own levels, with every tool you find in the main game, and share them via QR Code images. I doubt that casual gamers would find this feature interesting, but this one actually hooked me – and might hook some hardcore gamers, too. I spent more time in Editor Mode testing my level with a stampede of spikeballs, trying to add more urgency to myself.

Nevertheless, Pyramids 2’s main game is intended and approachable to casual gamers, with right-tuned difficulty. Also, hardcore gamers could look into Editor Mode. You may purchase it for $4.99 in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

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