StreetPass Mii Plaza Upgrade: New update fixes the freeze problems

Published on June 20th, 2013 by Rocío V.

A few days ago, I posted about an upgrade to Mii Plaza in depth, in which I also reported that trying to access certain new options would cause the software to freeze and force-close on you. The wait is over, as Nintendo has released a new software update. I have tested it and it really seems to have solved all the problems.

This time you will get a notification. If you choose “launch software”, it will show the same note as the first time and will reinstall the upgrade with the patch. This process takes a few minutes so make sure your battery is not halfway or less – if possible connect your charger. Once the upgrade finishes downloading, the system will notify you that it has to restart. After that it should work normally.

Apparently, you weren’t supposed to click in ticket exchange without tickets, which was one of the freezing issues. Now it will not do anything if the system detects you have none to exchange. You will hear a small noise each time you press “A” to indicate it is taking your input but it is a deactivated option at the time. I haven’t bought any new mini games so I can’t say what’s behind once you have the tickets.

I also mentioned at the time about the infamous four new games with price tags. Each game cost $6.50 Australian Dollars, thus I assume it should be somewhat cheaper for anyone else, really. Also, there is a combo offer to get the four games for 19.50 AUD. The offer will not be available to you if you already purchased one of the games. If you want to buy the combo, simply pretend to buy any game and you will be informed about the offer.

Finally, there was a game I couldn’t get you screenshots or even an explanation because it would freeze every time I tried. Now, I have been able to access it without a problem. Check back the past article for the screenshots and a more detailed explanation on what StreetPass Squad is about.

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Rocío is a Mexican video gamer who loves The Legend of Zelda series and admits to be biased in favor of Nintendo. She currently lives in Australia and collects Zelda Merchandise.