Time to Jump in this SteamWorld Dig Awesome Easter Egg

Published on August 24th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

Well, when I was told about the secret Easter egg on the Wii U version, I was expecting something like the Half-Life Episode 3 joke from the PC version,  where I finished missing it. When I started to play a new save, my main objective was simple: finding that little secret.

If I have to be honest, I found it almost by accident, due I was with a little quantity of light at the moment (and with that, in a hurry to go back to get more light). Before you ask, I won’t reveal the localization of the Easter egg (where is the fun of that?) or every inch of it.

Rusty reached a castle without a Flag Pole.
Rusty reached a castle without a Flag Pole.

Pretty cool right? It is a reference to Super Mario Bros., still like the other Easter Egg, I supposed it was just that. Still I decided to hit the exclamation box for fun, and when it dropped a coin, I decided to check if that was a door.

Steamworld Dig Easter Egg 3
An under world zone under an under ground zone?

And it was, they just made a full level! Back to the exclamation box, like I said, if you jump hitting them, you will get a coin. It will make a little sound like the original game and it will take a space on your pouch (you can have four coins per slot).

The level was bigger than expected, where it also included a little shortcut like the original level. As you can expect, all the bricks can be destroyed, still you won’t be getting 100 points this time.

Steamworld Dig Easter Egg 4
And here ends the fun…

We already reviewed the 3DS version of the game, where the reviewer gave a 9.5. Still, you will need to wait a little for the Wii U one.

Meanwhile, you can see the gallery below with a higher definition:

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