TreeFall Studios Announcement About The Letter, Update Details

Published on July 31st, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

If you remember our review of The Letter, you will know it was short giving an unfinished feel, still there was an update in the way. And they’re working on it, due TreeFall Studios released a footage showing the game after the update:

There’s also an announcement on Miiverse explaining that The Letter was a finished game, and it’s aware about the short duration of the game. He also added the updates are for adding more content to the game, that doesn’t means they’re to finish the game.

This is the official Miiverse announcement if you want to read it:

To clarify, as I have seen many people with concerns, The Letter is a finished game. It is short, however running through really quickly is not the purpose of the game, exploring is, but you can certainly finish it quickly. The updates that are coming will greatly enhance/change the experience of the game, yet they are all additional content coming after the initial game, not updates to finish the game. I hope to announce a release date for the first update soon. Thanks for your patience and understanding:) Also I am thankful for those who are out there that do enjoy the game, if you did not like it, that is certainly ok too 😛 Thanks again:)

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