Review of Zen Pinball 2 Tables

Published on September 29th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

Review of Zen Pinball 2 Tables

Note: I will do a small review for each table, considering you already read the Zen Pinball 2 review.

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Tables reviewed in order:

  • Deadpool – 90
  • Doctor Strange – 75
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – 85
  • The Walking Dead – 90

Deadpool table review - Zen Pinball 2

The famous (and coolest) anti-hero from Marvel got its own table that includes a mini-him, angry Marvel fans, an evil twin, his own pinball machine in this pinball table, a lot of dynamite, lots of references and the character that will be interacting with the table pretty often.

The table design is remarkable, featuring a design that will try sometimes to frustrate you. The missions are varied, including  an arm wrestling mini-game, a fight with his ‘little me’ where there is a good variety of missions (including arm wrestling or hitting a mini-version of Deadpool) and a few modes including for example the Blind Al, where the table (except for the ball, flippers, and scoring lanes) are blacked out.

The audio uses different types of rock music that fits with the table and the visual are amazing, with a great attention to the details (some of them can even be difficult to notice). Meanwhile the voice acting gets repetitive, it’s great and there is a great quantity of Easter eggs and jokes for other tables and also one mention of Kickbeat.

Doctor Strange table review - Zen Pinball 2

I will be honest, I don’t know anything about this Marvel character and now I feel bad for it. Anyway, it’s time for the Doctor Strange table.

The first thing I noticed this table is aimed at more simple experience, offering a table that’s easier to learn and some varied missions with a simpler access. It’s actually great for those who are not used to playing pinball games.

The graphics are again really nice, where there’s a lot of quality on the models and the details, epic but still repetitive background music and good voice acting, making a good companion to the table.

Guardians of the Galaxy table review - Zen Pinball 2

The third Marvel based table and this time it’s Guardians of the Galaxy (there was a movie some time ago, sadly I didn’t watch it yet).

The table design again is well done, and it’s really original where you start a frantic multiball mode based on the characters. You need to aim to get the best score possible in 60 seconds (it’s quite a surprise the first time you play it). Sadly, I found the design confusing at start, mostly for learning the missions of the table (there are a lot, including an extra section dedicated for one of those).

The graphics are amazing, featuring a vast variation of models and animations that will share your adventure, however, this time there is a minor focus on the background music giving more importance to the voice clips and the effect sounds used. It just feels like sounds from the real arcade machines.

The Walking Dead Table Review - Zen Pinball 2

It’s time for the famous game The Walking Dead from Telltale Games on a table that does a great work adapting the game to the table featuring an unusual design, using the same graphics style of the game and the original audio and voice actors from the original series, making you want to check out the series (sadly there’s no Wii U or 3DS release… yet).

Meanwhile the table design is wonderful, the difficulty of the table is quite high making it quite hard to be used. With that said, you will need to learn the table before being accepted by the game’s missions, not because it’s difficulty, but because of the difficulty and the short time you have to complete them. Those missions includes sniping zombies from a building, sending hordes back and sending the ball to different ways for example.

Just like the Deadpool table, there’s a great interaction of the characters on the table. Sadly this time it can be quite distracting. The details are great containing a lot of details in the environment, including zombies walking around and also on the table (like the hordes for example).

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