Critical Match Strategies in Splatoon

Published on June 19th, 2015 by Ninten Pedia

As Splatoon is a fairly recent game, some players have trouble winning. This guide will teach you some strategies that may help you in the long run.

Critical Match Strategies in Splatoon

1. Choosing Your Weapon: This is a very important decision. Pick a weapon that suits your play style. Like covering ground quick and fast? Choose a roller. Like to do sneak attacks and stay out of harms way? Be a sniper. Like to get up close and spread ink? Normal gun. The weapon combos are also important. The sub weapon can make or break you. Go with suction bombs to surprise opponents. Burst bombs for quick explosions. Or a seeker for a straight path of ink that can also track opponents. Special weapons are good for when you are in a tight spot.

Critical Match Strategies in Splatoon

2. Acting As A Team: Teamwork is heavily needed in Splatoon, from covering a teammate in danger to knowing what routes to take to cover the most area possible. At the start of the match, don’t go straight to the center. Help your team cover your base first. Then, look at where your teammates are going. Try to take separate routes to get your special bar up and to cover more ink. If you see empty space, keep on your route if possible and aim your weapon at the empty space so that you won’t have to jump down. Only jump down if where you came from can have an ink wall back up. If you see your teammate in danger, provide backup. When surrounded, try your best to get out. It helps if you jump or have the ink resistance ability on your shoes. In addition, do not go charging into enemy territory without your team in the beginning of the game. Chances are you will get splatted and your ink will get covered with the other team. It is better to force the other team back.

3. Think Logically: Splatoon requires more thinking than meets the eye. Check your map. See if your base has enemy ink. It is good to go back and have your team fight while you go and cover up the ink at your base. Also check your back and your surroundings every once in a while. You never know when someone is going to come and pull a sneak attack.

Happy Splatting!

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