How to Save Everyone in Chapter 5 of Fire Emblem Awakening

Published on April 14th, 2017 by Tristan

The fifth chapter of Fire Emblem: Awakening can be very tough, especially on hard + classic mode when you do not want anyone to die, especially if you do not have the rescue staff. I tried for hours playing the same chapter over and over again in attempt to save everyone. Here is my guide on the one way that worked perfectly the first time I tried.

Units you will need:

  • A winged unit like Sumia
  • Frederick
  • Robin – best if he has extra magic books, especially wind magic as it is effective against flying enemies.
  • All your strongest fighters
  • Leave Lissa behind in exchange for another fighter as Mirabelle is a healer with mend.
  • Leave behind Stahl and Sully, and you need only two mounted/flying unit and neither of them are very strong. Instead take Virion as his bow is most effective against flying enemies.

First Turn:

This chapter can be difficult because Ricken and Mirabelle start off away from the rest of your group at the beginning. Neither of them are strong enough to withstand any attacks. The hard part is getting someone up there to rescue them in time. First you need move Sumia north up the hill directly below them. Mirabelle will come down and team up with her with Sumia in the lead. Ricken will also come down as far south as he can. Move Frederick up the hill, into the space with the two surrounding enemy units. Have him attack the one on the right and NOT the one on the north. Hopefully he should one hit KO the enemy. Have Robin come up in the space behind him, and either finish on the enemy on the right or attack the one to the north of Frederick.

Enemies will come from the southwest corner. Use the rest of your fighting units to block the 4 tiles high south path to the left of the little path up the hill. Use stronger units like Vaike, Lon’Qu, Kellam, or Chrom. Position all other units safely behind them. Keep a couple of them in the woods to give them better chances at dodging attacks. There aren’t many enemies so none should die.

Second Turn:

Use Sumia to take Mirabelle down the hill to the southeast corner, and separate. Ricken should have a path to team up with Frederick. Have him join Frederick and the have Frederick retreat down as far to the southeast as possible. If needed or possible had Mirabelle heal him, if not have her move to heal and support the four units blocking the path. Use the four or more units to finish off the enemies that attacked from the southwest in the first turn.

Third+ Turns:

One Ricken and Mirabelle are safely rescued and in the bottom right corner, and the enemies from the left finished off retreat as far as you can into the southeast corner. Protect your weaker units inside a ring your stronger units. Leave one or two spaces inside the ring to move around in so that Mirabelle and get around to heal everyone who needs it. Dragon Riders from the top of the mountain should come down as well as a couple reinforcements from the southwest fort. Stay put, heal as needed, and defeat the dragons as best you can. After they are defeated you should be safe to stay there for a few turn to heal and regroup.

Continuing Turns:

Once all the current dragon riders and reinforcements are taken care of, and everyone healed properly, make your way to the southwest corner of the map. Be careful not to have anyone step into enemy attack range. Have you units lined up just outside of enemy range on the west-most path by the wall. Use Mirabelle by herself, and Sumia to take Ricken to the southwest-most corner. It should be safe there even when dragon riders come down as long as you defeat them quickly. Once ready, move Frederick into the fortress at the top of the path, and Robin Beside him in the woods. Position other units attack around them. Keep Virion safe from attack, but able to shoot down the dragon riders that will come from the north. A few dragon riders, as well as the level boss should fly down and attack your units. They should all be fine, and able to defeat all of them on the next turn.

Final Turns:

Once the boss and final riders are defeated move your most powerful units up the hill to finish off the remaining enemies in the middle of the tallest hill. With any luck you should be able to easily defeat them, and win without anyone dying. Hope this works in case you were stuck here.

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