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  1. Aura_Knight394

    Pokeumans: Chapter 31

    Sorry if the ending feels a bit rushed, I have to leave for thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!
  2. Kadaj
  3. Kadaj
  4. Aura_Knight394

    I made a new Pokeumans poster.

    I hated my old one, so I made a new one.
  5. Aura_Knight394

    Pokeumans: Chapter 30

    "Some of us work our best under pressure" ~Becky Kagan Schott
  6. Kadaj
  7. Kadaj
  8. MegaStriker

    Pokemon : Reversed Time Part 1

    The first part of my blog playing Pokemon Moon.
  9. Dark Link

    Origins of Dark Link (Chapter 1: The Lonely Child)

    An introduction of a lonely child by the name of Dark Link.
  10. 3dsCollector
  11. Kadaj
  12. eeveeruleslol
  13. Aura_Knight394

    Pokeumans: Chapter 29

    "I look my best when I'm totaly free, on a holiday, walking on the beach." -Rosamund Pike
  14. eeveeruleslol
  15. Kadaj
  16. Aura_Knight394

    Anniversary Q&A Response!

    Lets answer some questions you guys left me!
  17. Ace
  18. Cosmogle
  19. Aura_Knight394

    Aniversary Q&A

    To celebrate one year at the Pedia
  20. eeveeruleslol