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  1. Cosmogle
  2. Aura_Knight394

    Aniversary Q&A

    To celebrate one year at the Pedia
  3. eeveeruleslol
  4. Kadaj
  5. Ace
  6. Kadaj
  7. Kadaj
  8. Kadaj
  9. Kadaj
  10. Aura_Knight394

    Pokeumans: Chapter 28

    "Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage" ~Ray Bradbury
  11. Kadaj
  12. Aura_Knight394

    New Animation!

    Vincent decides what to do with Andy
  13. Aura_Knight394

    New Animation!

    Andy and Vincent get help from Corrin.
  14. Kadaj
  15. Aura_Knight394

    Pokeumans: Chapter 27

    I got pulled out of school early, so I wrote this.
  16. Kadaj
  17. Kadaj
  18. Kadaj
  19. Aura_Knight394

    Here's some Animations! (Pt. 1)

    Here's some animations I did with pre-created motion data.
  20. Aura_Knight394

    Here's some Animations! (Pt. 2a)

    Here's some animations I did with pre-created motion data.