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  1. Kadaj
  2. Kadaj
  3. Kadaj
  4. Aura Knight

    HUGE Announcement

    I've been wanting to do this for so long!
  5. Kadaj
  6. 3dsCollector

    Quest for 3ds Chapter 4

    Partial collection photo edition!
  7. skydancer121
  8. skydancer121
  9. Sketch

    A New Beginning Chapter 2

    Bandits attack a village with Tsuneo and Airi in it
  10. Kadaj
  11. Athena_Huskey212

    Love? Who needs IT?

    this is a story that i've wanted to write for a while.
  12. Kadaj
  13. Aura Knight

    Pokeumans: Oof

    I let a computer write a Pokeumans story. Here's what I got.
  14. Sketch

    A New Beginning Chapter 1

    This is the full complete chapter for my previous post
  15. Aura Knight

    Sample for Potential Project?

    Let me know what this sound is good for.
  16. SS1o7crazydude

    Mona Lisa

    This is a story I wrote last year. I hope you like it!
  17. 3dsCollector

    Quest for 3ds Chapter 3

    New Nintendo Direct, New Games Announced!
  18. Kadaj
  19. Kadaj
  20. Kadaj