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  1. Kadaj
  2. Samster123

    The Dragon in the Tree

    A story I wrote about a year ago. Hope you like it!
  3. Kadaj
  4. Sketch

    The World is back for a reboot?

    This is a story that I wrote a long time ago when I first started on this site
  5. skydancer121
  6. Kadaj
  7. Kadaj
  8. Aura_Knight394

    Pokeumans: Chapter 36

    "Virtue - You don't need a reason to help people." ~Zidane Tribal
  9. Kakea

    Chapters 10-11

    Example, don't worry you won't see more here! :D
  10. Kakea
  11. Kadaj
  12. Heropon Riki
  13. Aura_Knight394

    Anything You Can Do (New Animation)

    What two villains with god complexes can't solve by fighting, they solve by singing!
  14. Kadaj
  15. Kadaj
  16. skydancer121

    Pokeumans Chapter 6

    Forza's fist (official) day at the base
  17. 3dsCollector
  18. Kadaj
  19. Aura_Knight394

    Pokeumans: Chapter 35

    "Forget Your Troubles and Dance." ~Bob Marley
  20. Kadaj