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2014/11/10 SSB-4-3DS Jounal

another update

  1. 3dsatackman
    2014/11/10SSB-4-3DS Journal: Today i did some online battles on for fun(this is the first time i have played for fun xD) and then i did a online for glory battle for the conquest, picked up my reward from conquest but i had for got to battle in that one :oops:, then i did 1 smash run and got a new sword thing for smash run( it was lvl 5 :) . Thats all for today

Recent Comments

  1. N
    I love smash run. Especially that feeling when all of your stats are above 500
  2. D4rkDragon
    You started playing For Fun and For Glory ? Good Luck and Congrats !
    I'm looking forward to your next update !