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2014/11/11and12 SSB-4-3DS Jounal


  1. 3dsatackman
    Sorry for not updating ever day peoples i just get busy with life.

    ok so what i did for the past 2 days is: Home run contest, i have been trying to get at least 1,500 on every fighter in home run contest so far i only have 4 left :D , also i am doing this with the bomb one. I also have been doing a lot of smash run so much that i have almost 300 trophies and almost every smash run powerup thing. The last thing i did was play the conquest the last days today i will find out if i battled on the right person.
    Well that is all for now have a good day everyone.

Recent Comments

  1. Roy the specialist
    Roy the specialist
    Isn't get 1500 ft. on home run mode with every character a challenge? If it is nice! That's a lot of home run mode!
  2. dominiquet
    i want to join
    1. 3dsatackman
      Blogger's Response
      want to join..