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5 things that need to be in ACNL!

Please consider these suggestions Nintendo!

  1. OceanBaby22
    Hello world! For my first blog post I will be namin 5 things that should be in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

    1: Pets!!
    I don't know where to begin with this! Imagine a new store on Main Street, an adorable pet store! Turtles, birds, dogs, cats, fish, and hampsters. Imagine a cute little pet following you around town!

    2: Cooking
    Wouldn't that be fun!! Adding kitchens to your house and cooking meals for you and your villagers! Harvest fruit in your town and make meals with it. Even though food doesn't really serve a propose in the game it would be a great occupation!

    3: sports
    What if you could sign up for a variety of sports and attend games and practices! It would be like a minigame, I would sign up for basketball!

    4: Skydiving!
    I mean.. Why not! They have it on wii sports it would be awesome to do it in Animal crossing. There's not really much you can say... It's skydiving!

    5: Sleepovers!
    What if you could invite Isabelle and the villagers to an awesome sleepover! Play games, eat, chat, and listen to Kk music! What better could you ask for!

    Well that's all for now comment which one YOU would most like for Nintendo to add to animal crossing! Thank you!! Bye!

Recent Comments

  1. lillipup24
    These r things u actually need (in my opinion)
    Plus with wonder explanations
    It has to be good :-D
    1. OceanBaby22
      Blogger's Response
      Thank you for reading lili! your awesome!
  2. OopaMazo
    - For a game like Animal Crossing, having a pet wouldn't make sense.
    - Cooking would be fun to do.
    - Sports would be fun as well (skydiving included).
    - Sleepovers sound interesting.
    1. OceanBaby22
      Blogger's Response
      Sorry i'm replying VERY late but thanks for reding my post oopa!
  3. MasterofBasics
    That 5 is GREAT reasons! :D
    1. OceanBaby22
      Blogger's Response
      Thank you for reading it! I like your username. Lol enderlord