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An unexpected meeting

What if we all saw each other in real life?

  1. Derplink_:3
    Hey pedian friends I hope all the people I know here on 3dspedia like this story cause this ones 4 u guys.:D

    Chapter 1, an unexpected meeting

    One day I was walking in the mall and hoping to find a used copy of Fantasy Life at GameStop alongside a Villager amiibo, I dash to GameStop and all of the sudden I bump into a guy carrying a bag full of used games and all his games scatter around the whole place.

    I apologize about bumping into him as I look up at his face I see a very mature looking guy with a little chin beard and somewhat curly hair, he then responds "hey watch out dude I'm in a bit of a rush here". I then respond "I'm so sorry man I'll help you pick up your games, also do you happen to have an account on a web called 3dspedia?" and he responds with "Yes I do, my name is @Marc there".

    I was astonished and told him that "I'm @Derplink_:3 Marc (smiles at him)" Then he responds with "Wow you surprised me I never really see the people there in real life glad to meet ya". We talked a bit until a female called upon us saying "hey you two, I feel I know you guys from somewhere" As me and Marc look it at her she was sorta tan and speaker in a British accent, after that me and Marc responded with "Aren't you @Mikaya from 3dspedia?" So she responded with "Yeah, I think your Marc but who's this young fellow?" Marc then explains "He's Derplink".

    Since then we hung out at the mall and saw two look alikes from a far distance which I then say "If I ever have to guess I think those two are my little cousins @Paceygym and @SmashChamp, I'll go say hi and tell them to join us guys" Pacey then says "I feel like I have seen something that resembles that guy walking towards us, WAIT could he be? Impossible maybe he looks like him" I get to them and say "Hey little dudes I bet you can't tell who I am?(does a derpy looking face to give them a hint)" Pacey then uses his intellectual thinking and says "COUSIN" and I say "DING DING" We then hug and talk a bit then go back to Marc and Mika.

    We talk a bit then a young girl approaches us wearing a Greninja shirt and carrying a GameStop bag with amiibo appearing visible and the rest of us look at each other and tell her "You must be @Ninja-Patty right?" She looks surprised and responds with "How'd you guys know who I am? Also who are you people?" Pacey responds saying "We're all friends in 3dspedia, also your shirt and the amiibo sorta gives us a hint" I then say "How the heck are we all here at the same mall and I bet there are more pedians here at this mall we should all go look and you know maybe talk it out and know each other better."

    We then split up to look for as much pedians we can find at the mall. Marc and Mika went together to look, Pacey with Smash, then me and Patty were paired up to find out why the heck are we meeting. Marc and Mika were just walking around hoping to find someone, but then Mika suggested that Marc to write a message on pedia and hope everyone received emails and had phones with them. Marc then got multiple replies telling him that the majority of people in pedia are in a huge mall for a special reason like a sorta of gathering of members here.

    I then see from afar a well dressed gentle man wearing a green vest with a triforce symbol talking to two other guys I then told Patty "I know those three might be the members of my Hyrule hero club thing" Patty responds "I just hope they are, also do you think we might see @Duska80 or maybe even @Wayne?" I respond with " I bet most of our pedia friends are here".

    So what do you think guys who read this? This still isn't over but I must continue part 2 tomorrow I guess :D. It's gonna be a long saga of all of us (or atleast the people that know me or I know :p) collaborating in one mall with lots more to expect;). So to understand the full story I suggest you start reading this up until I write the continuation. ;) I hope you all enjoy it. :) Also people who I haven't met tell me about yourself and I'd love to include you here in this collaboration story.:D P.S please give me a description of yourself so I could describe in the story and a for another thing I'm working on.;)

Recent Comments

  1. codyplays
    good job, id be that kid with a pink hoodie on wondering where everything is hehe.but seriouly good story and about ready to read others
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Glad you liked it I bet you'll like the other parts/chapters :D
  2. generalmeme72
    Oh dear! This should be re-made once we hit a certain number of members registred!
  3. Marc
    I sort of knew who were going to be introduced in the story next before it happened :P Nice introduction. I'm looking forward to reading the next part (which is already up since I found this from that one haha).
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Glad you liked it and that you expected the events. xP I wish to see this plot as an anime xD
  4. T-Player Guy
    T-Player Guy
    Great story!I almost thought it was an actual real event while I was reading it,but it is pretty good either way! :)
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Thank I tried to make it as realistic as it sounds with a bit of action.:D
  5. Jeff The Killer
    Jeff The Killer
    This is awesome! I can't wait for the next part! ^^

    As for what I look like, ironically I always wear a white hoodie and black pants like Jeff (because it's comfortable), and I'm short and I usually wear the hood on the hoodie.
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Part 2 is out Jeffery :D
  6. GerudoWarrior
  7. Derp
    Great story! It just needs another Derp ;)
  8. ✍MaskSmash✌
    It's great! :D I didn't stop smiling..! xD I almost thought my name would be in it.!
  9. Ichimaru
    cool story I like it,i'm a dude wearing white and black striped clothes with a face like my sig waving to people looking for games that are based on animes.
  10. PigMayor
    I love it :D May I please be in the next one? (I wear thin black glasses and a NES T-Shirt)
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks for details, also you gave me a great idea :D