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The Mysteries Mall Gathering Chapter 6

As of last time Marc, Mika, and the Hyrule Heroes encountered the Purple Man and had an EPIC battle

  1. Derplink_:3
    Hello Fellow pedians :D:sneaky:, did u guys see that trailer? It was AWESOME I know. But anyways if no one saw it, here's the link to it: http://forum.3dspedia.com/blog/the-mysteries-mall-gathering-chapter-6-trailer-d.489/
    To get the full experience of this story I suggest read Chapter/part 1 it's in my blog section ;), anyways after seeing the trailer I bet u guys were like "Golly:eek: dat trailer best freaken thing evar:woot:, way butter than Furious 7:cool:" for people who reacted like that thanks for that it inspires me to continue making more chapters and include more people in it.:) Alright the moment you have been waiting for is over, LETS GET TO IT!!!:rage:

    Chapter 6, the Purple Man
    Not much is know about this Purple Man other than he kidnaps lonely wanderers in this mall and drugs them for his own amusement, he apparently has people working for him or maybe with him and he can construct bombs. But I guess that's what is known of him for now, and so we go back to Derplink and the gang at the food court.

    After Marc, Mika and the Hyrule Heroes escaped the detonated explosive ,Pacey listens and notices the roaring sound of the explosion and falls back, then everyone stopped eating and stared at Pacey. Derplink asks "Are you ok cousin?! What was that, an explosion?!" Pacey responds with "I'm fine big cuz thanks for asking, I bet that was an explosion" Derplink responds to Pacey saying "Oh sorry I didn't notice you falling little cuz, I was worried about Smash cause he got ketchup on his shirt my bad Smash(giggles)" Pacey responds "Oh well that was some coincident I guess (giggles too), but what do you think caused that explosion?" Derplink cowardly answers "Might have been an explosive placed by the Purple Man, I'm just speculating"

    All of the sudden Marc, Mika, and the Hyrule Heroes came dashing towards us, Rawrrie exclaimed "Hey Guys, what were you running from?" SmashChamp replies "Didn't you hear that explosion?" Rawrrie looked at Smash strangely and replied "Explosion?! I had headphones on" Marc then cheerfully answers "Guys you're here the whole time? We just ran from an explosive that was detonated five seconds ago but glad we're all safe" MaskSmash looks at me and exclaims "Sir Derplink, thou was here tis whole time? We missed you brave leader, and you missed one heck of a funny story" Derplink quickly answers "Sir Mask and Hyrule Heroes I missed you all(then they group hug), what happened back there sir Mask?"

    Marc and Mask then explained the whole bazar action that happened, Bo then asks "Why does the Purple man do this? What's he accomplishing doing this?" Marc then responds "Whoever this purple man is he looks freaky as heck, especially when he laughs. But we got put a stop to this guy" Mika then cheerfully responds "Yeah, we ought to teach him a lesson. Also this food court is our new gathering place, whenever anyone gets lost just come back here but don't go alone cause that's when he jumps you"

    Agnt then intellectually responds "Well if we can find a surveillance room here in this mall then we could defiantly see the recent places he's been at" Pacey rejects saying "Well what if he was in one of those surveillance rooms then we could jeopardize our safety and really get us in some deep trouble" Derplink responds with "Well I guess we should go look for surveillance rooms cause they do hold some important info and we need that, I agree with lil cuz here too cause we might get caught by him and find our selfs in a sticky wicket, so let's be safe about this" Tacocob puts on shades and then responds with "Alright let's do this shiz for realizes dogs, I'm going with Bo here, Marc and Mika that cool with all you?" Derplink pulls out shade too and responds with "Thats all good dog, I'm going with Rawr, Patty, and my two lil cousins" Marc then says "I guess I'm going with Mika, Taco and Bo, but Agnt and Mask should come with us since we need a smart one with us and Mask is quite helpful too that way there would be two leaders of the Hyrule Heroes on each side and a smart one too" Mask responds with "Good enough for thou, tis will be a exhilarating journey of mystery's"

    We then splited into two groups, Derplink as leader and Marc as other leader and we set of to find us some surveillance rooms. For now we look at Derplink's group, Pacey and Derp walked in front with Derp equipping MMA fighting gloves and Pacey spiked Football or Soccer shoes, Rawrrie and Patty right behind them talking about the Purple Man and who might he be, and lastly Smash and Megalegacy in the back talking about how Smash smacked Jeff with a frying pan. Speaking of Jeff, what happened to him and OopaMazo? We will take a look at them later. We then walked up to a beautiful but small swimming pool in a shape of a shape of a cave with a slide on the outside leading to the inside of the cave like pool, there was a bar stand inside with fruit smoothies laying on the counter.

    Derplink exclaimed "WOAH A SWIMMING POOL!!! I haven't swam in one for one whole year I miss swimming, so how about we all go for a dip or maybe a splash?" Pacey agreed "Yeah I can go for a splash, but how are we going to swim with no swimming trunks?" Smash and Mega responded "Look over there, I bet they have swimming trunks in there and free of charge since there is nobody to charge us for it" Patty then said "Isn't that stealing?" Rawrrie then answered "Well technically it's not, since there is no one to charge us for them and I guess they are free"

    Derplink, Pacey, Smash, and Mega then dashed into the store looking for a swimming trunk that fitted them, rawrrie and Patty waited outside. Derp then asked "Hey girls why aren't you dashing to the store with us? Is it cause you too chicken to swim? It's really not that deep" Rawrrie answered "I guess we're shy to swim in front of you boys" Derp then responded before dashing into the store "Ok your loss though" Then all 4 boys came out in trunks and their clothes dropped somewhere nearby, and they all dashed into the pool. They splashed and swam and eventually splashed water on the girls, which made rawrrie say "what the heck guys?! Alright that's it I'm coming in" She then jumps in with her clothes on and lands on Derplink and sits on him as his head is under water, the rest laughed and eventually Patty got in and Pacey pushed her onto the water slide, then they all had smoothies and talked a bit. They all had a great time for about an hour and then got out, the boys went to change their clothes while the girls went to get towels and dry themselves.

    Eventually they got back on track, when all of the sudden two boys emerge from the side a store the first thing came to mind when Pacey and Derp saw them they yelled like little girls and jumped backwards. One boy had brownish gold hair and wore shorts and a striped shirt, the other looked slightly older wielding a baseball bat while the other wielded a hockey stick. The older boy said "Hello people, I'm @DarkDrifloon and the guy standing next to me is @CaptainToad" Smash then responded for me and Pacey saying "Hi I'm SmashChamp and the blonde guy behind us is my older brother Pacey and the guy standing next to him is my cousin Derplink, the older girl is rawrrie and the smaller one is Ninja-Patty" Mega then responded "And last but certainly not least I'm Megalegacy a member of the Hyrule Heroes"

    They talked for a bit and knew each other better and then Captain and Dark joined their party and they continued on to find any surveillance room they could.

    Now looking back to Marc and his group they wandered the opposite way Derp's group did. Marc then looked and fund an emergency fire axe, and told Mask "Hey Mask I bet that fire axe could suite a person like you don't ya think?" Mask then responded "Oh heck yes, I've always wanted to wield an axe but fire axe works for me" Agnt then explained "Well you can sneak it out of that glass box without tripping any alarm systems, here I'll get it for ya leader" Taco then asked "Hey why can't I get some sweet weapon like dat?" Mika responded "Well he's slightly older than you thus he's more responsible, also don't worry we'll find you and Bo some awesome weapons on our way" Taco then sighed and said "Fine it's all cool for me, ain't dat right Bo?" Bo then answered "Aw frick yeah, but I'm good with my bow and arrows" Agnt tore up the cords that would trigger an alarm system with the help of Marc and snuck out the fire axe, Mask then grabs it raises it up while singing "Du du du dah!!! I got a freaken fire axe aw yeah"

    Eventually they got back on track and they found a sporting shop, Marc, Mika,Taco, and Agnt went inside and got some nifty weapons. Taco settled with the ye old baseball bat, Marc wore Football gear, Mika pulled out a golf club, and finally Agnt a pair of boxing gloves and tapped spikes that he pulled out from some Soccer and Football shoes. They then headed off to who knows where, Agnt then suggested "We should make a map so we could back track our way to the to food court" Marc answered "Don't worry we got maps everywhere in this mall" To Marc surprise, they came upon a map that was covered with red paint preventing them from finding their way,Agnt looks at Marc and responds "You were saying Marc" Marc answers "Ok now we need a map, I bet our little friend did this"

    Agnt then started making a map, and Bo noticed a figure standing a few feet away from them. He then whispered to Taco "Uh homie, some weird shiz is looking at us" Taco whispers back "I see it, I bet it's a pedian" Bo then suddenly dashes toward the figure standing there and to his surprise it was a cardboard cutout, Bo punched a hole threw it and looked around and saw an actual human sitting in a corner whimpering. Bo goes asking him "Hey buddy what's wrong?" the young boy answered "I'm scared" Bo then responds "Aw don't worry little man I'll protect you here in this mall, are you a pedian? Cause I'm @Derp nice to meet you..." the boy answered "@Enderlord that's my name" Bo pulls him up and asks "What are you scared of?" He whimpers as he responds "That(points behind Bo)"

    Bo looks behind and sees the Purple Man standing behind him wielding a syringe with a blade at the end of it, Marc then looks at him and yells "BO LOOK OUT, GUYS LETS GET THAT JERK!!!!!" The others run towards the Purple Man and all the sudden a couple of guys appeared blocking their path to Bo. Bo dogged the Purple Man's slash and pulled and arrow and launched it. It hit him, but he kept walking towards Bo. Then he slashed Bo's foot and it started bleeding, Taco saw that and yelled "NOOOOOO,I"M GONNA GET YA YOU DAMN MAN!!!!" Taco bursts threw one of the mascot wearing guys and paused he the Purple Man held Bo and placed the blade on his neck. Then the young Ender released all his rage at the Purple Man and jumped on his back and grabbed his neck and tried choking him, he then dropped Bo. Taco then dashed towards the Purple Man and spiked him so hard that he collapsed. Ender then hopped of his back and ran towards Marc for safety. Taco then grabbed Bo and dragged him back to the others, surprisingly the others beat up the mascots and Mask slashed one of the mascots with the axe, then they all huddled around Bo. Bo looked back at the Purple Man and he blinked at Bo and grabbed the syringe and ran it across his neck showing Bo that he'll kill him the next time they encounter and vanished out of thin air.

    Agnt wrapped Bo's foot with some cloth and said "Ok Bo now you'll be ok so no worries my friend" Mask then responded "That was some smashing action you've been in Bo (smiles at him)" Taco cheerfully says "I'm glad your ok bestie" Mika then says "Well we're glad your ok Bo, but does anyone see any surveillance room anywhere?" Marc responds with "Nope, but we should keep looking"
    Well I guess we should check on Jeff and Oopa, as they both woke up facing each other. Jeff yelled and stood, the same with Oopa. Then they both talked and knew each other better and thought they should stay at the food court.

    Hey guys how was this chapter was it as I described it in the trailer?:D:p
    Well I hope you guys enjoyed also for those who could not visualize the swimming pool in the story here's a picture that describes it:
    IMG_0182.JPG Just so you guys know I had to play a game on my PS3 and get far into it and get to this place and I took a pic since there was no pic of this on teh internets.:rotfl::eek: So if other people wanna be in this story then please give me a description of yourselves, so until the next chapter DERP!!!!!:wacky::woot:

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    Jeff The Killer
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    Can't wait for the next part :)
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    Doctor Strange
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      Mega is Megalegacy xP I already put u in one chapter but you didn't read it probably ;)
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      Glad you liked it buddy :D and tell or suggest ur friend to read it first then I'll talk with him about adding him ;)
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