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And the most unnecessary Metal Album of the year is......

LOL As if really needed that

  1. Slowpoke
    So Venom released a new album?
    Why did they even do that?
    Only 2 of their albums are valid
    That would be "Welcome to Hell'" and "Black Metal"
    and those already sounded like what your average nighbourhood teenage garr(b)age band would have recorded in the 80s.......
    And seriously,who wants to listen to a new Venom Album in 2015?
    I dont know many people.
    Also if the intro is better than the actuall album,you messed up

Recent Comments

  1. SunnyWindy
    Can you provide actual arguments and reasons as to why you find it garbage and all? It just seems like a pure ranting to me, nothing really worth a blog post about =/
    1. Slowpoke
      Blogger's Response
      Yep,have to agree with that
      It already got ripped to pieces by critics