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Before their Fight

Odd preparations occur before Mario and Mii's fight

  1. OopaMazo

    "Hey, Mii! When did you say we were going to battle?"

    "Honestly, I forgot, but we can battle now if you want."
    "Sounds good to me!"

    "Then it's settled. Hold on while I go get changed."
    "Why exactly is your gear inside the end-point structure?"
    "I didn't feel like storing it in my apartment. Do you know how long it would take me to get there?"
    "Alright, alright. Just hurry up so you can get rekt."
    "Jumping on people's heads is wrecking them?"
    "I punched and kicked in Super Mario 64, and I can certainly pull a wombo combo all up in your customized face!"
    "But you're not Falco, m8."
    "One does not have to be Falco to perform an up-smash."
    "Ok then, Happy Feet."
    "My feet are going to be happy once I whoop you in a fight."


    "This chain of jokes has gone on far too long."
    "You're right. They're really dumb anyways. We should stop now."
    "I concur, Mii.
    Whelp, I'll wait for you out here. Take your time."


    "Alright, Mario. My body is ready. Let's fight!"
    "Wait. Before we do, let me ask you a serious question."
    "And what might the question be?"

    "What took you so long to get here? I've been waiting for nearly a day, it seems!"

    "I take pride in the physical aspects of myself and what I own. My clothes... must be perfect. My armor... must be perfect. My wig... must be perfect. My sword... must not be dull, but perfect! You see: I prepare for fights like no other character. I make sure that my appearance contains no flaw, encompasses no error, and completes my aspirations to their fullest extent. I am a Mii of perfection! This is what took me so long. You also said to take my time, so I took advantage of that statement."

    "Hats off to you. I respect that. I really do. However..."

    "That's cheap, the fight hasn't begun yet! Let go of me!"
    "...when you're supposed to fight someone, knowing that they are waiting for you, never take your sweet time to arrive! It is not courteous, whatsoever!"
    "I'm sorry! Could you let go now? Your grips are creasing my fabric."
    "I'll let go in a minute, once I tell you the things I did while waiting for your slow self."

    "I went to the casino."

    "I caught Nabbit."

    "I defeated Bowser..."


    "I wore a Steve mask. Don't judge."

    "Rosalina and I discovered a chaos emerald."

    "I sparred with the creators."

    "I pixelated myself so I could complete levels in an emulator."

    "I played a rhythm game."
    "That's nice and all, but could you please let go of me?"

    "And finally, I raced at the local EDM club."

    "1st place would've been mine if it weren't for that darn blue shell! Man, I hate those things!"
    "But I digress."

    "Let us begin the fight!"

Recent Comments

  1. Marc
    "Twice" text - made me laugh out loud, seriously! :P

    Once again, another great blog entry ^^
  2. SmashChamp
  3. Spinnerweb
    I can but only giggle :D