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Capcom needs to pull it together.

they need to listen to the fans.

  1. shanic132
    We all know that Capcom isn't doing so well. yeah sure they make money off of Monster Hunter and Street Fighter, that's it. They seem to forget that they have good games out there and need to focus on that. We all know that they don't make a lot of money with the games they make like Lost Planet and Okami. They barely make money off of Ace Attorney and Devil May Cry, and we all know Resident evil is going down ever since Resident Evil 5. Not to mention that they stopped with Mega Man and Dino Crisis. At this rate they will go down in a few years maybe even more if they get lucky. Some of you can agree that we need another Mega Man game, preferably Mega Man Legends 3. Think about it, Not only is Mega Man their Mascot, but this was at the point where the 3DS barely had any good games back in 2010-2011. Now i'm not saying they need to make Mega Man game in general, they need to focus and listen to the fans on what they want. If anything they could get a project and KickStarter it. so this way they won't lose money. Got anything you would like to add? I want to know what you think about Capcom. Thank you. :cat:

Recent Comments

  1. twilightroxas7
    You forgot Darkstalkers.
    1. shanic132
      Blogger's Response
      ah! Darkstalkers! i completely forgot thanks for the reminder
  2. Iridium Winter
    Iridium Winter
    I agree that they need to get their stuff together. But with Mighty No. 9 coming out, now might be a bad time to release a Mega Man game, cause a LOT of people donated to that.
  3. OopaMazo
    Capcom is rolling in the wrong direction atm, no doubt about it.

    Oh and 3DS games weren't in retail in 2010; not even in Japan, as the release of the 3DS wasn't until winter-spring of 2011.