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Catherine - Talk Video Game Music Episode 4

Valentine's Day Special!

  1. Warden Chult

    With Valentine's Day coming, I thought I'd talk about a game that has love and romance as central themes. Catherine is made by the same team as the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona franchises with a completely new and unique game.

    I decided to add some more personality in this episode to give it more flavor. I do notice there's a lot of kids here so I will warn you guys that this game is rated M for good reason. It deals with very mature concepts and themes so best be warned there's some darker content.

    Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy the episode!

Recent Comments

  1. Nanamine
    Meant to comment a long time ago but forgot. Nice vid! Wish I could talk in my vids like a human being like you huh
  2. Magik
    Nice video! What program did you use to make/edit it?
    1. Warden Chult
      Blogger's Response
      I used Sony Vegas to put everything together. Recording I didn't do for this episode but normally I'd use an Avermedia Live Game Portablr as a capture device.
  3. ToxicWolf1132
    ah man, I love this game. Well, not the gameplay so much, I was horrible at that. But the story was soooo good! Great job with the video
    1. Warden Chult
      Blogger's Response
      I agree, very underrated game. The puzzles were difficult but at least it's challenging, right? :P