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Talk Video Game Music Episode 1 and 2

A Youtube series where I discuss Video Game Music

  1. Warden Chult
    Hi guys, talked to Marc about posting these videos and he gave me permission to use the blog for it. So with that in mind, I've been creating a series of youtube videos where I take a video game soundtrack and talk about some of the songs in it. I'd discuss about the composers, how the song affects the gameplay, and a bit about the musicality in the track.

    This first episode here is the original Paper Mario. I made it a bit too lengthy and made sure to cut down quite a bit in future videos.

    The second episode here is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

    My goal is to release an episode every Sunday. I hope you guys enjoy the videos!

Recent Comments

  1. Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange
    Can you do Metal Gear Rising: Reveangence?
  2. dwikrid
    Nice attempts! I do love video game music and stress it as one of the main elements of video games.

    You should make a video about SMT IV's music.
    1. Warden Chult
      Blogger's Response
      I'll definitely think about it. Been forever since I played that game. It may be awhile though until I can get a 3ds capture card.