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Crisp Burger

Goddamn is that delicious

  1. Slowpoke
    All you need for it is:
    -Some vegetables(I took pickles and tomatoes)
    -Cheese(I used this cheap molding cheese thats often used in fastfood)
    -Crisps(I prefer BBQ Crisps but its all up to your taste)
    -Ham (I prefer smoked Ham)
    -Sauce (My favorites would be Curry Ketchup and Chili Sauce)

    Cut a bun,put everything on it

    You can change it depending on your taste
    There isnt really more about it


    1. 3974554.jpg

Recent Comments

  1. Spinnerweb
    That photo is upsetting, but when I have to feed myself then burger is next best to noodles :D
    1. Slowpoke
      Blogger's Response
      You can use the healthy version
      Take everything from the bun and put a slice of salad and salt crisps
      on it :P