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Edison the Neko boy

It's about an orphan forest boy taken in and raised by an elegant and calm gentleman.

  1. Derplink_:3
    Hello people who are reading this is Derplink and in my first thread I’m talking about a great fan fiction I came up with when I was bored.:writing: Feel free to add on the story or help make it sound better, please like and tell me if it's good and if I should make a second part or chapter. Thanks to all the people who reads this.:D;)

    Alright here I go: "Born In a forest as an orphan with a lightning blot birthmark on his left arm, but then was found by a middle aged man who was well dressed as he stumbled upon the orphan forest boy that he later on adopted and named Edison. The man that adopted him Mr. Edwards Hoffelberg, later noticed when Edison was at about 3 months old he started growing fur and at the end of his rear he grew a long florescent white tipped fox tail. He later grew feline ears and whiskers. Mr. Edwards was astonished at first, but it didn't matter to him as his love for his son ignored all his inhuman features.

    When Edison first went to school his dad tried covering up all his inhuman features, although students were suspicious at first but they started to lighten up and accepted him in. His best friend Maxwell was the only person who ever knew that Edison was a fused feline human and sworn to keep this secret to himself. On Edison's 9th birthday he received a custom made belt with a skull that had parallel flipped horns that Maxwell made for him and other gift like a yoyo, baseball bat and glove, and sweet new shoes. Edison was flattered from the gifts he got and as the day went on he enjoyed his birthday ending with a smile on his face.

    2 years later the school started to watch his actions and document everything that wasn't typical of a child his age, like licking his paws and itching his ear with his foot. Eventually by the time he was 16 the CIA was notified of Edison's action and his appearance, on that faithful night Mr. Edwards noticed through his surveillance camera that a Swat team were coming out of a Swat vehicle parked in the driveway. As soon as Mr. Edwards saw this he dashed upstairs to Edison's room and told him to go to the forest where Mr. Edison first found him and hide there and to stay calm and that everything was gonna be alright the next day. Mr. Edwards then told him that he loved him with all his heart ever since he found him and gave him a little crystalic dagger and then left Edison to his journey and ran back down to try to distract the Swat team.

    They soon raided the house and captured Mr. Edwards as Edison looked back at the traumatizing vision grabing the belt that Maxwell made a slid the dagger in it before he jumped out his room window, he ran on all four even if he didn't have time to wear shoes and kept running as far away from the house as his feline body could carry him, the top part of his shirt technically %75 of his shirt was torn and his pants were half torn. While sitting under a tree he was sobbing and crying after what he saw and where he is pleading for someone to calm him down after that traumatizing moment he experienced, all of the sudden his plead was answered and a small light beam shined from a pit.

    Edison whipped his eyes and followed to where the light source is at, his jaws dropped at what he saw it was a massive blade with a dragon head and other things like a lightning rod and a frozen crystal on the hilt with an entity that possessed it. The blade identified the birthmark on his hand and quickly identified him as one of the Neko tribe and the last of his kind to possess the blade, as it turns out Edison is the spawn of the last Neko leader to possess the Drago Chēnsõ blade. Now it's being passed down to Edison by his real father Yūkanna Raion, the blade then taught Edison of his past and how the Neko used the blade, Edison was then tired by the time he finished his training and fell asleep.

    As dawn struck Edison was awaken by the chirping of birds, he then started his journey to free his father and go back to his normal everyday life. The blades entity Subarashī informed him that he sensed his father is somewhere fairly close at a broken down factory and light a path to the factory. Edison followed the lighten path until he came upon a tip at the end of a hill and saw the factory that was labeled Limbato Inc. that looked rusty and abandoned, but he continued on to the factory. As he was breaking his way to the interrogation room that Mr. Edwards is at,
    his vision was then distracted when he saw a female Neko It was the first time he was ever love stricken by a girl and he just kept staring at her through the vent holes and was astonished by how beautiful and pretty she was. He then broke in and stood in front of her as she was astonished that Edison broke in and how illed he looked and was scared of him, but he tried to calm her down and then Subarashi stopped the both of them from talking and calmed the girl down. She then explained that her name is Kawaisa and that ever since she was born she was left in the forest alone as her mother was wounded horribly and was near dying and so she was left there and her mother right behind her shielding her.She then told that back when Limbato Inc. first found her they took her in and studied her while raising her and nurturing her, but ever since Mr. Aku Kagakusha took over he told all the employees to stop caring and nurturing and just study the creatures they find and run experiments on them.

    A guard then spotted them interacting with each other and called for Mr. Aku Kagakusha, he then watched them through surveillance and thought to himself that since there's another Neko creature they should run experiments on him and then knew that the Neko boy he's watching is the boy of the interrogated person Mr. Edwards and planned something to use Edison to his advantage. The chamber got secured and sealed with Edison trapped inside with Kawaisa, Edison was then faced with Mr. Aku and tried to negotiate with Mr. Aku and told him that he'll sell himself to Mr. Aku and in return to free his dad and return him back home. Mr. Aku wasn't a fully bad person so he agreed to release Mr. Edwards and keep Edison in return. His feet were severely injured and frostbitten to the point of being dead so they had to amputate his feet and gave him robotic light steel feet.

    Once they released Mr. Edwards and finished the amputation Edison soon pulled out Subarashi and blasted the chamber, alarms were rung and Edison grabbed Kawaisa and started running towards Mr. Aku since he had a beef to pick with him. They both headed to Mr. Aku's office and were faced with him holding two double blades and without his coat as he expected Edison to do all this massacre to escape. So Edison held Subarashi tight then the battle started, Aku just kept slashing into Edison while he blocked and dodged he finally got slashed on his stomach and after that Edison unleashed his full potential and blasted at Mr. Aku and finally stabbed him in the chest area ending Mr. Aku's life. Then him Kawaisa escaped to their freedom and hope to repopulate their race. Edison then swore to return to his father once things calm down a bit." So people how was it? Is it good? Does It need changes please notify me about your thoughts. Here's a picture of Edison to try to show how I described him in the story.:cat: IMG_0070.jpg

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      Thanks I tried my best with it. :3
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