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Fantasy Life: Gladstone Status

All lives have been mastered!

  1. OopaMazo

    After 277 hours and some change of playing Fantasy Life, I have finally become a Creator in all 12 lives! It's an awesome feeling, to say the least.

    First Life: Tailor
    Last Life: Wizard
    First Life toward Creator: Paladin
    Last Life toward Creator: Wizard
    Most Fun: Cook
    Easiest: Hunter
    Hardest: Angler
    Longest: Tailor
    Shortest: Hunter
    Most Interesting: Alchemist

    3ds Pedia Users who ultimately helped me to reach my goal:

    ☆ rawrrie
    ☆ Pig Mayor
    ☆ Girl of Many Names
    ☆☆ EnderLord
    ☆☆ Writesout
    ☆☆☆ Marc
    ☆☆☆ BacklogGamer

    Thank you to all who have aided me in Fantasy Life. My journey has not ended just yet, but it did begin already, soo... yeah. :)

Recent Comments

  1. Derplink_:3
    Wow you have truly achieved complete status Oopa, and I congratulate you on this wonderful achievement. Also your pretty significant with the life choices but they look well balanced xD
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Thank you, Derplink! :D
  2. BacklogGamer
    i better be 3 stars :sneaky:
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Well, you did help me the most out of anyone else. :sneaky:
  3. SmashChamp
    Nice, Cook's fun, I'm Creator by now too
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Awesome! I love cooking up the dishes with hard-to-come-by ingredients! xD
  4. spagooti
    girl of many names

    I'm guessing it's me
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      You're right on the money, or shall I say dosh? xD
  5. MasterofBasics
    yay im on the list! :D
    Anyways, what did i help u with?
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      You crafted me 50 Platinum Ingots so I could progress in my Alchemy Life. :D