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Five things I want in the next 3DS update

The 3DS is getting a lot of updates, but there's things Nintendo should do!

  1. ErixSan
    I did one for the Wii U and now is the turn for the Nintendo 3DS, where I will give my opinion of five features I want in the next update... And maybe you will want it as well?


    1. More DSi space / play from SD card
    I will be honest, the space they offer for DSi games is terrible. If my memory doesn't fall me, the total internal space is around 1750 blocks (220 mb) and don't expect to have more than 15-20 games on your console.

    Honestly, this is one of the reasons I'm holding back for purchasing Shantae: Risky's Revenge, and meanwhile it's on mobiles and Steam, I want it on a console.

    In my case, I have some games on the SD card and some of the console, since I already filled the space with Club Nintendo and reviews.

    The easier solution would be allowing to play games from the SD card, and meanwhile that's easy to bring on an update, I think the piracy is the reason behind the lack of this feature. I hope there's more space on the N3DS.


    2. Better performance
    Simple, since the integration of the themes, some games Home animations (the one you see with the game's title) started to lag, mostly if you had a game suspended.

    Also, faster speed when you start the console or a game would be nice...

    3. Custom themes
    It would be nice to be able to pic my own images, my own music, etc... even if I have to pay for it.

    Also, if this is possible with the PlayStation 3 [and for free], why not the 3DS?


    4. NNID Friends
    If they can make the friend progress easier like the Wii U would be great, even if a minimum age is required to use it. The friend code method is annoying considering the handheld is attached to your NNID account.
    5. Flipnote 3DS
    Seriously, where the hell is Flipnote 3DS? If the Pokébank and the Super Mario Bros. 3 for the 3DS Virtual Console weren't long enough, Flipnote 3DS was supposed to be released one year ago!

    Remember this service is on Japan since July 2013.

    That's all folks! If you want to give a suggestion for my next post, feel free to recommend one!

Recent Comments

  1. Super Smash Jordan
    Super Smash Jordan
    I agree with you!
  2. PersonSP
    I totally agree. I'm waiting for flipnote 3DS ever since the DSi versions website was taken down.
  3. AliTheAce
    Everything I want, in a nutshell! Custom themes from images and Flipnote is something i'm REALLy looking forward tol.
  4. Ruby
    Seriously, WHERE IS FLIPNOTE 3d?!?!?!!?
  5. .:*Alex*:.
    In my opinion this is not that great.
    Nintendo can´t do so many things in 1 update.
    They will take there time, if they do what you ask they will take forever to make the update. I love the ideas, but think how many time they´re going to take. Some months...
    1. ErixSan
      Blogger's Response
      I disagree (Since I did research before).
      Better performance is a companion to the "stability stuff", and Flipnote 3D is just a release.

      In that case, they need to edit three things of the console: friend nnid method, custom themes and DSi.

      Update 9.0.0-20:
      - Themes [and its own shop]
      - Home screenshots
      - Nintendo eShop updated with better titles and that stuff
      - New notification system

      Update 7.0.0-13:
      - NNID Support
      - Miiverse
      - System transfer limit removed
      - Software update notification system
      - Changed Start-up way for the camera

      Update 3.0.0-5U:
      - the Nintendo 3DS Camera
      - renovated eShop store
      - 3DS to 3DS transfer
      - QR reading function

      Update 2.0.0-2U:
      - the eShop store
      - the Internet Browser
      - Automatic system update
      - DSi to 3DS transfer
  6. D4rkDragon
    Having all of these would be damn cool. But what I'd like the most in all of this would definitely be Flipnote 3D. I want it!!!