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Three songs, three evolutions

Three examples from when I tried to make my game...

  1. ErixSan
    For those who doesn't know, I tried to make my own game some time ago, but I decided to cancel it since I was lacking time due to the university...

    Right now since I have a job and I still writing here, I have no reason to start again the project, but I wanted to share a little curiosity about it...

    During the little development time I had with it, I got the luck to compose without knowing about a few melodies, and for this case, three of them where it's older and newer version were saved...

    First, there was a failed load song when you started the game, and it was like this when I started:

    And then, it was like this:

    This change is actually small, since it's just an instrument change.
    Let's go to a bigger change, and it's the boss battle song. Meanwhile there were another two different drafts during the process, I'm not longer have them.

    The first draft was made with 8-bit instruments:

    And the latter version was quite longer... and different:

    The last song I will share is the main song of the game, the one that appears during the title... This actually changed a lot, as you will listed if you want.

    First version:

    And the newer version:

    That's all folks.
    I hope you enjoyed the article, still my interest was to pick your curiosity :p

Recent Comments

  1. Magik
  2. OopaMazo
    The Boss Song has a lot of strange note changes. It's very cool! What genre was this game supposed to be anyway? (From the looks of it, I'd have to guess platformer)
    1. ErixSan
      Blogger's Response
      Actually a shooter :P
  3. Spinnerweb
    Excellent, mate. It's kind of sad that you had to cancel the game - but you can always try again when you have more time if you want. Even so, I think you make a pretty good developer for a first-timer. :3
    1. ErixSan
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks! :3
  4. Sylvester87
    Indeed, what 3dsattackman is saying
  5. 3dsatackman
    Those are nice to bad you had to stop no the game though