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Gaming Heroes, Chapter 1: Rise of evil

As Gannon and Bowser rise, Mario and Link must face them head on.

  1. SmashChamp
    Hello everyone this is a chapter for the series, Gaming Heroes.

    If you missed the intro.....http://forum.3dspedia.com/blog/gaming-heroes.255/

    I recommend reading the intro before this chapter

    Now let's continue....
    " Soldiers! We can't wait right now an evil force is attacking we need all of you to defeat these forces so..... MOVE IT!!! " " Yes sire! " the soldiers replied heading towards the army. " Link! " Zelda said running to Link. Link turned his head to Zelda. " An army led by Gannon is attacking Hyrule Kingdom, we need to do something. " Zelda said. Link looked surprised and quickly headed off into the army. Zelda took a few steps to be stopped by a white haired girl with a large sheath and sword and she had a scar on her face.

    " Let me handle this Zelda " the girl said. " OK Impa, may the goddess protect you. " Zelda said stepping back. Impa ran into the army pulling her large blade from her sheath, ready for battle. " Everyone, stick together, as long as we're together we can easily get through them! " Impa yelled for everyone to here. Three Darknuts suddenly approached them.
    " Leave this one to me. " a hyrulean captain said drawing his sword. He approached the Darknut and the Darknut quickly decked him back. Then 5 more Darknuts came to the soldiers and started slashing at them.

    " We're getting overwhelmed here! " a knight said trying to break free. Then a sword pierced through the Darknut as it exploded into darkness, revealing Link. " Thank you. " The Knight said dashing off quickly. Link stabbed more Darknuts taking care of that group. " Alright! " Impa said with a hid smile. Then many Darknuts ran to Impa. Then Impa threw a smoke bomb hiding sight when the smoke cleared the Darknuts were lying on the ground. All the Darknuts were on the ground.

    Then from the shadows jumped a man with dark clothes, a black cape, and a red beard. He saw Link and warped to him. Link put up his shield, but Gannondorf kicked it off a cliff. Link pulled his blade and tried to stab Gannon, but Gannon warped and slashed Link far back and Link span across the ground he went off the cliff, but Impa grabbed him and pulled him up onto the cliff. " Gannon is strong, hit him with ranged attacks to get him. " Impa said. Link pulled his bow and shot Gannon, but Gannon shrugged the arrow off and stomped making the part that Link and Impa were on fell off the cliff. " Hyrule Kingdom, Zelda, and the Hyrulean Army will be mine, all mine " Gannon said with an evil laugh.

    Through space...........
    A man in red jumped onto a brown mushroom like thing squishing it he ran through the castle dodging and defeating enemies of many kinds, he approached a door and opened it.He came into a room dashing through avoiding huge fire balls reaching Bowser. " So you want you're princess? Well you're not getting her, Iggy! Launch it " Bowser said. " Yes dad Iggy said throwing a bomb and it blew up creating a portal sucking up Mario, then it grew. " IGGY!!! It wasn't supposed to do that, right?! " Bowser yelled. " No, but if it keeps growing...... " " Great.... " Bowser said stomping his foot then Iggy floated through the air and got sucked up into the portal. Then Bowser got lifted up and went into the portal many Mario characters including the bad guys were sucked into the large portal vanishing...

    Back through space.................

    Link and Impa landed on a mountain. " I can't believe I let Zelda down, i'm letting her get kidnapped! " Impa said in anger. Link looked down the mountain and jumped in surprise seeing an army wrecking apart houses, then a portal came and the man dressed in red appeared and fell down to the village. " Uh, that was strange, but let's check it out " Impa said running down the mountain.

    Hope you enjoyed

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    Keep it up pika!