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Gaming Heroes, Chapter 2: Rise Of The Sorcerers

Link and Impa find Mario and a new recruit, Lana, but Cia has been found threatening the town

  1. SmashChamp
    Everybody the second chapter of Gaming Heroes, before this chapter begins be sure to read the intro and Chapter 1

    Get ready
    " Link, let's check who that is. " Impa said as she was running down the mountain, Link following close behind. Then they saw a building collapse and the red person held a hammer seeing a mysterious sorceress swinging a small mace. " Ha! You're crazy holding up that puny little hammer against my mace " the sorceress said tying up the red person's hammer. " Stop
    Cia! " Impa said as she jumped into reach of Cia swinging her blade hitting Cia hard. Then the red person swung his hammer to fling Cia.

    " Who are you? " Impa said spinning pointing her sword straight at the man. " Mario. " the man said in a slightly quite voice. " How did you get here. Why are you out so defenseless, if I didn't come you would've died! " Impa said in a furious voice. " I-a got-a sucked in here by a portal " Mario said. " So you decided it would be such a great idea to come out here defenseless! " Impa yelled. Then a girl came and separated them " Impa whoever you are stop, please " a mysterious girl said. " Long time no see Lana " Impa said. Then all of the sudden the ground shook revealing Cia walking in. " I am done with you all. " Cia said pulling out her mace. " Cia?! What happened, how did you? " Lana said in a surprised voice.
    " That dose not matter Cia said, then she swung her mace hitting Lana in the head knocking her out. " Oh no! " Impa said in surprise.

    " Link! I'll treat Lana, you take care of Cia. " Impa said picking up Lana dashing off. " Let-a-me help you. " Mario said pulling out a flower it burned and Mario became Red and White. " So? You use fancy flowers to transform eh? Well get a load of this. " she said using darkness to create a dark figure. " Let's see who is better at transforming, Dunhub or the likes of you! " Cia said with an evil grin. Battle started as Link got his sword and stabbed Dunhub, but Dunhub clawed Link as Mario shot fireballs that Dunhub shrugged off. " He's a too strong! " Mario said. Then the creature became flames burning many houses in ease. " I-a-know! " Mario said then a machine appeared on his back and the machine shot water and hit Dunhub hard vanishing it from sight. "

    " You little! " Cia yelled in anger. " I'll be back! " she said running off then she dropped a dark orb. Link picked it up and realized it was a dark spirit. " What are you doing with an item so precious, little boy? " a creepy voice said. Then a white man appeared snatched the spirit and warped quickly. " Mumba Mia! " Mario said. Impa and Lana returned hearing the news they set off to find more spirits and Zelda.

    In another dimension..........
    Go, Ivysaur! A boy said throwing a ball. " Alright this is the last round of the championships. " a man said. " Ha! Lickitung is to much " another boy said. " Begin! " a man said. " Ivysaur use sleep powder " a boy said. " Dodge it Lickitung and use lick. Lickitung dodged and licked Ivysaur and the Ivysaur couldn't move. " Oh no, Ivysaur! " the trainer said in horror. " Finish it with Bulldoze " the boy said. The ground rumbled and Ivysaur fainted. " No! Return " he said sadly calling the Ivysaur back to it's Ball. " I win. " the boy said grinning. " The winner is....Blue! " the man said. The boy walked away sadly. Then a girl came to the boy. " Hey Red, sorry you lost, but it was a great battle. " the girl said. " Well thanks Hilda, but I can't believe I lost, I got all the way to the finals..... " Red said. Then a dark sky came and a dark figure could be seen in the sky. The figure shot a black orb in front of the trainers and it exploded creating a black hole. " Ahh " Hilda screamed getting sucked into the portal. " I'm coming Hilda " Red said jumping to Hilda, but he got sucked in as well.

    Hope you enjoyed
    ( BTW: Dunhub was created by me ;) )

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