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Gaming Heroes Chapter 3: Kokri Village Part 1

A dark spirit is said to be in Lost Woods

  1. SmashChamp
    Everyone Chapter three of Gaming Heroes.
    If you haven't read the intro, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 read them before reading this.

    Hope you enjoy Chapter 3

    " There has been reports about a dark spirit haunting Lost Woods in Kokri Forest. " a Hyrulean soldier told Impa. They were in a small inn in a small village. " Great, we'll be on our way. " Impa said. " Could-a-we go-a-now? " Mario said. " It is a little small for all of us... " Lana said looking around. " "I'll just pay the inn owner and we'll get out. " Impa said. A few minutes later they heard yelling. " You said 20 rupees for one night! " Impa yelled. " Well you know what bub? That changed, give me 100 rupees or you'll be reported. " the inn owner yelled. " Fine! this is all I got for you. " Impa said putting a purple Rupee on the table. " That's only half of you're stay. " the manager said angrily. " The rest I have is for hyrule only. " Impa said. then a red rupee hit the table. " 70 rupees. " the manager said. " Who did that? " Impa said looking around. " I did, it's for my stay too. " Lana said coming to Impa. Then a coin hit the table.

    " Then the manager looked at the coin, and shoved it off the table. " rupees only! " the manager said. " Mario, I don't think coins will work here... " Impa said. Then Lana pulled out a book and a circle appeared in front of the table and a small chicken came out from it. " Wow, a chicken, that will cover for you're whole stay. " the manager said happily. " Well, OK.... " Impa said.

    An hour later......
    " Alright we're at Kokri Forest. " Impa said. Then a girl dressed in green with green hair came to Link. " It's about time we see each other again. " the girl said with a smile. " Are you Saria? " Lana said curiously. " Yes I am, Link a dark version of you is attacking Kokri houses. " Saria said with a frown. " And the Kokris think you're doing this. " Saria said. " This is horrible. " Impa said in a mad voice.

    This is part 1 of Kokri Forest a little rushed

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  1. Derplink_:3
    Since I'm a fan of LOZ It's pretty good.