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Gaming Heroes ( finally continued ) Chapter 5: Troublesome Kids

Ghirahim steals the dark soul from Impa while the Koopaling's try to destroy Kokri Village.

  1. SmashChamp
    I'm sorry for not continuing this......
    Anyways, enjoy Chapter 4!


    With Impa........

    "What are you doing with an item so precious? " a voice said. " Not this again... " Impa said drawing her Giant Sword. Then the white man dashed and grabbed the dark soul, but Impa reacted and caught the man's cape under his sword. Then Impa saw who it was. " Ghirahim! " Impa said pulling out a dagger. Then Ghirahim made a bunch of daggers appear and knocked Impa's dagger away. " Now what are you gonna do? " Ghirahim asked surrounding Impa with Daggers. Then a spear came out and hit Ghirahim. But Ghirahim warped to doge the spear and slashed Lana knocking her out, then Ghirahim shot the daggers pinning Impa to a tree. " Lana once had the triforce of power. " he said putting his hand on Lana.

    Then a bit of red light rose up and Ghirahim got his hand off of Lana. " Now the rest of the triforce's power is mine. " he said with an evil smirk warping away.

    With Link......

    A bob-omb was launched and blew up a Kokri Home. King Bob-omb winded up another, but Link Jumped and shot an arrow blowing up the bomb, he landed and did a fancy roll and slide. Link raised his sword up in the sky and it flashed. Then Mario ran in with Saria. " Nice, Link. " Saria said winking. Then a cannonball hit Link in the back knocking him on the ground, Saria looked forward and saw Roy with his bullet bill cannon. " Link! " Saria said running to Link. " Maybe this will help. " Saria said pulling out a bottle with a green liquid. Saria poured the liquid on Link and he got up. " Let's-a-go! " Mario said drawing his hammer. Then Saria got decked by Bowser Jr knocking her back as many more came. " Let's do this! " Saria said pulling out a rather dull sword.

    Then battle started where Saria dashed and tried to hit Morton, but Morton dodged and decked Saria knocking her back as Lemmy jumped and tried to kick Saria, but Link jumped in and used his Shield to block Lemmy's kick making Lemmy's leg hurt dropping him on the ground. While the two where fighting Mario had a handful, fighting the rest of the koopalings. Roy attempted to shoot a bullet bill at Mario, but Mario hopped off the bullet and hammer Roy. Then Ludwig shell spinned Mario from behind knocking him onto Wendy's shell injuring Mario. " Guys, Help! " Mario said trying to defend himself from the koopalings.

    " Sorry! "Saria said running over to help Mario. Link decided to help Mario and he jumped with a fatal blow slashing Iggy. " There to strong, but nothing Mecha-Bowser can't handle. " Junior said pressing a button. Then a big Metal Bowser head came and Bowser Jr. jumped in then more parts came and all the koopalings came into the machine and a giant Bowser made of steel appeared. " Hehehehe, take a look at Mecha Bowser! " Junior said moving Mecha Bowser's arm.

    Mario ran and banged his hammer on the large steel leg, but nothing happened. Then the machine kicked Mario a far distance away and he rolled off a cliff, but he grabbed on barely. " Give Up? " Junior asked heating up the flamethrower on the machine. " No! " Mario said pulling himself up. Then a bunch of fires of many colors appeared and made contact with Mario. When it all cleared up Mario was on the ground very injured. " Mario! " Saria said running over then Mecha Bowser's hand crashed on the ground stopping Saria from coming to Mario. Then Mario was sucked up by a Mecha Vacuum. " Hehehe, what will you do now? " Junior asked with an evil smirk.

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