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Gaming Heroes

The introduction

  1. SmashChamp
    Everyone I'm writing a story to get rid of my boredom.

    Everyone hope you enjoy Gaming heroes.

    Let us start the story in legend......
    The Triforce is a strong weapon, the three parts of it the Triforce of Courage, Wisdom, and Power all to be held in different hands. Link, the hero of time, held the Triforce of Courage, the princess of Hyrule, Zelda, held the Triforce of Wisdom, and the Demon King, Gannondorf, held the Triforce of Power.

    Once the Triforce falls into the hands of evil, horrible things happen to the world, but when that happens the hero, clothed in green appears to stop the destruction. To stop the cycle, the hero split the souls of evil into four parts, three of them were hidden through time and space as one was held captive by the Blade of Evil's Bane, the Master Sword.

    Once the reborn spirit of the hero pulled the Master Sword, and released the evil spirit. Gannondorf was reborn and put havoc to Hyrule, but the hero was able to stop Gannondorf.

    This is the legend that has been passed for years......

    Lightning struck around a dark castle, Gannondorf's castle. " Link, I shall get revenge for what happened last time, no, what has happened all of these years " Gannondorf said clutching his fist in rage. " Yet all my spirits have been released after my last defeat except for one. " Gannon said angrily. " Well i'll just find the other three spirits to fully rebuild myself and destroy Link once and for all. " Gannon said with an evil smirk.

    A far distance through space......

    " Oh that plumber, i'll get revenge on you one day. " a mysterious dragon said in a lava filled castle. " Sir! Reports for you. " A turtle with a helmet and hammer said. " What is it Hammer Bro?! " the dragon said. " Mario is heading towards the castle, Lord Bowser. " Hammer Bro said in immediate action. " Hehehe, Mario won't know what hit him. Bowser said roaring.

    back through space.........
    At a kingdom, a girl appeared walking down a through steps. " I hope everything is fine... " the girl said continuing. Then she looked over a balcony seeing a training yard, the hero of time, Link, was there helping the hyrulean forces train. " Ever since Link came things have gotten better around the kingdom. " she said with a small smile. At that moment a soldier appeared busting through the temple doors immediately heading toward the girl. " I'm sorry to interrupt, but Gannondorf is attacking the kingdom with an army of Darknuts. " the girl sighed. " Order my soldiers to attack the upcoming army, and I'll talk to Link. ". " Yes Princess Zelda, you're wish is my command. " the knight said running towards the training fields. " I hoped Gannon was done, but my hope is not true... " Zelda said with a frown.

    Hope you enjoyed the story

Recent Comments

  1. Moon Rain
    Moon Rain
    Mario + Zelda = awesomeness :D
  2. Earth2543
    Good this wiil be a good way to know the story for someone that never play game ill wait for next ;)