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Gaming News#1 Nintendo pocket football as retail?

My gaming journal :)

  1. Superjoris
    News #1 Nintendo pocket football as retail?
    Nintendo Pocket football Club an a Mario and donkey Kong ad game will come as retail version on the magazines...BUT It will not be a cartridge,it will be a download code.What do you think about this? Good idea or bad?I find is a
    Good idea because I really wanted NPFC but is not have existed a retail
    version.It Will come on 16th January on Europe.

    News #2 SWAG WIIU game
    A really strange and funny game named Meme run will come at 12/18/14.
    The Details will come soon..

    That's was by me,ciao


Recent Comments

  1. jandkas
    There are way too many mistakes, typos and errors in this.
    1. Superjoris
      Blogger's Response
      I have edited the text.And sorry im not american