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How to get Silver and Gold stuffs in AC:NL

For the people that dont know

  1. Slowpoke
    Silver Axe:You can get it for 8 medals on the island

    Silver Fishing Rod:You can buy it in the mueum story after you gave 30
    fishs there

    Silver Bug Net:Museum Store after giving 30 bugs

    Silver Shovel:Museum Store after giving 15 fossils

    Silver slingshot:Shoot the silver baloons

    Silver watering can:buy 50 flowerseeds

    Gold Axe:Buy 50 saplings

    Gold Fishing Rod:Catch all fishs and speak with the leader of the fishing contest

    Gold bug net:Catch all bugs and talk to the leader of the bug contest

    Gold Shovel:Buy 50 bags of fertilizer

    Gold Slingshot:Shot da Golden baloons

    Gold watering can:You need to have a perfect city for 15 days

Recent Comments

  1. Marc
    It might be worth mentioning you can't get the gold items from those methods if someone traded you them in your game (I think) :P
  2. KooleoKun
    Thanks, for the good guide :D