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I'm probably getting Kid Icarus Uprising for Christmas.

Dad made it a little obvious :D

  1. SmashChamp
    So my dad asked me "If you could get one thing for Christmas what would it be?" So I answered Kid Icarus: Uprising and he came to the Christmas tree and started looking at the presents. "Shoot!" my dad said so he went to the computer and about 8 minutes after that he said some of you're Christmas presents might not come on Christmas. So i'm probably getting Kid Icarus: Uprising on Christmas or a bit after.

Recent Comments

  1. PersonSP
    It's an amazing game. And, when you finish I'm looking forward to beating the hell out of you in Multiplayer modus :P (Just kidding, I'm not that good)
    1. SmashChamp
  2. Slowpoke
    Lol Im getting it for Christmas too
  3. Marc
    You should have hinted your "most wanted" games at him sooner :P
  4. Artisan
    Kid Icarus Uprising is an awesome game. Enjoy it like I did when I first got it last Christmas.
  5. Megalegacy98
  6. paceygym