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In order to fight me in ssb4...


  1. TheMightyButterCookie
    Hi everyone! I am here because there is a big question, that is asked to me a lot, and that is if you can fight me in ssb4. I am putting the answer in a blog to give you the full details.

    I am supposed to do four hours a day of schoolwork, so I will make a status when I am done with those four hours. If you are planning on sending me your fc, please do it via conversation. I usually only have one person fight me because three other players can get overwhelming for me. I will also be hosting friendly tournaments that do not have a reward, but I need someone to help me make the brackets and to stream this tourney on Twitch. I will be giving pc to those helpers to make it a fair deal. That is also sent via conversation.

    If you have any other questions, comments or whatever, please feel free to leave a comment. I will answer you ASAP, so don't bug me about it. Also, I only have ssb4 3ds, so sorry to all you Wii U people who want to fight me on wiiu.

Recent Comments

  1. Puggie
    Lets Do It.My Friend Code Is 255237232407.Thank You Let Me Know When You Can!
    1. TheMightyButterCookie
      Blogger's Response
      I added you. I'm ready when you are!
  2. ToxicWolf1132
    As far as the tournaments go, I could help make the brackets if you want
    1. TheMightyButterCookie
      Blogger's Response
      That would be awesome! How many pc do you want me to send you in exchange?
  3. Larsi
    this sounds cool
    1. TheMightyButterCookie
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks. I got the idea from a few streams I have watched. It sounds epic.