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Let My Body Decay pt 1

#mystery, #suspense, #action

  1. TheMightyButterCookie
    I am running, and as swiftly as my legs can go. Where is it that I am going? Who ore what am I running from? No one knows, not even me. I hear gunshots behind me. I glance behind me and see a man charging after me with a shotgun. I try to run faster, but I trip... and fall.

    I wake up. All of that nonsense was just a dream? It felt so real. Sweat drips from my forehead. I feel slightly dizzy and lay back down again, but twenty minutes later, my alarm goes off. Great, time to get ready for school... I slowly and reluctantly get out of bed. I turn to fix my bedsheets and gasp in surprise. There where I was just laying, was a red stain. Could it be blood? I go over to my mirror and turn around in front of it. I look over my shoulder and I see blood dripping from a hole in my nightdress. My mom walks in and says,¨Why are you still in here? You are going to be la·¨ She suddenly stops talking and glances at my blood soaked bedsheets. Themn she looks at my back. ¨What happened?¨ she asks. Then she discovers the hole in my sleepwear and looks inside it. She touches the bloody area and feels something metal. A bullet maybe? She rushes out of the room. I hear her dialing a number into the house phone. ¨Hello? Can I get an ambulance here please? My daughter has a bullet stuck in her back.¨ I hear her say.

    An hour later, I am in the back of the ambulance. I look down to see if my pajamas were still on. I was wearing a basic sundress. My mom must have washed me up. Wait, how could she have washed me? Did I fall asleep? I will have to ask her when we get to the hospital. I'm confused. Did my dream really happen? It couldn't have! I woke up in my bedroom and not on the ground in the setting of the dream. Ouch, my head aches so much. I lay down and sleep.

    At the hospital, I ask my mom if she was the one who cleaned me up. She said she did. I fell unconscious after I bumped my head on my dresser when I was getting clean bedsheets. Huh? I don't even remember that happening. I guess I hit my head pretty hard then. I'm so tired. I just want to rest more than anything right now.

Recent Comments

  1. KooleoKun
    that was mysterious.. and really good! can't wait for part 2
  2. Spinnerweb
    Eerie. I like it.

    Looking forward to the next part :)