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King Erik's Royal Omelet

FL Story Script

  1. OopaMazo
    This is an experimental short story script. Depending on you guys - the readers, I will do more of this in both Story and Script form, or whichever is favored the most.

    King Erik's Royal Omelet

    “Alas, an evening in Castele has come and royalty is present at Alfredo’s Bistro. Astyar has been slaving away in the kitchen for his Master Rank, but majestic endeavors halt his progress. Hark, for the not so divine action is about to begin.” -- Divinus

    Sizzle: Watermelon…

    Astyar: Check.

    Sizzle: Potatoes…

    Astyar: Check.

    Sizzle: Tuna…

    Astyar: We are making a Royal Omelet, right?

    Sizzle: Sizzle thinks so. Check the recipe.

    Astyar: checks recipe
    None of these items are in the recipe, Sizzle.

    Sizzle: That can’t be! Sizzle must be seeing things again…

    Alfredo: What are you two chatting about for? Your majesty is right here inside of our restaurant! I’m feeling lightheaded even thinking about it, but my fainting days are over.

    Erik: Might my Royal Omelet be finished yet? I am famished and simply cannot wait to stuff my face with omeletty goodness.

    Alfredo: Just a few more moments, your highness!

    Astyar: I don’t think we have enough time to start over.

    Alfredo: Nonsense, Astyar! How can you say such a thing? We have no choice but to begin again. Sizzle, gather the correct ingredients from the counter, and fast!

    Sizzle: grabs ingredients
    Sizzle has two Royal Eggs, one Broccoli, one Truffle, and Butter to improve overall flavor!

    Alfredo: Thank you, Sizzle. Now out of my way, you two. Time to make a Royal Omelet!
    makes Royal Omelet in 15.20 seconds, then walks out of kitchen; to King Erik’s table

    Sizzle: Sizzle hopes the king likes the Royal Omelet Alfredo made him!

    Erik: takes big bite of Royal Omelet
    It’s horrible

    Alfredo: WHAAAAA-

    Sizzle and Astyar watch from the kitchen

    Erik: This Royal Omelet is not pleasing to my taste buds.

    Alfredo: WHAAAAA- WHAAAAA- ?

    Sizzle: Oh Noes! Alfredo fainted!
    runs to Alfredo

    Astyar: runs to Erik’s table

    Erik: Ah, Astyar. What a majestic pleasure to see you. Did you become a Master Cook yet? Actually, I already know the answer to that question.

    Astyar: Your Majesty, is the Royal Omelet really as horrible as you say?

    Erik: Not at all. It’s actually quite the treat! I just wanted to see Alfredo faint, hehe. I like making him faint whenever I come to his restaurant.


    Erik: Calm down, little plushie. No need to be fussy-wussy.

    Sizzle: SIZZLE SAID GET OUT!!!!!

    Astyar: Sizzle, it was a joke.


    Erik: As you wish, my feisty furry friend.
    exits Alfredo’s Bistro

    Sizzle: Sizzle never knew the king of Castele could be such a jerk.

    Alfredo: wakes up
    Did… did I do a good job, Sizzle?

    Sizzle: Alfredo did a wonderful job!

    Alfredo: Where is the king?

    Sizzle: Sizzle told King Erik to leave.

    Alfredo: No, no, no. Why would you do that?

    enters a paladin

    Paladin: I come on behalf of the king! He uh… forgot his food.

    Alfredo: Yes, yes! Come right in! His food is at this table!

    Paladin: Thank you
    walks to table, grabs food, then exits

    Alfredo: Astyar, my wonderful assistant. Why did Sizzle make King Erik leave?

    Astyar: Because Sizzle couldn't handle a joke.

    Alfredo: A joke? What joke?


    Alfredo: You know what, it doesn't matter. It’s getting late, Astyar. You should probably head home. There will be more hungry customers at dawn. What a crazy day…

    Sizzle: Alfredo, Sizzle sees that King Erik left us colored dosh.

    Alfredo: looks at where Sizzle is pointing
    What in great bread rolls are these??? This is not dosh! The king is a thief!

    Sizzle: Thiiieeef!

    Alfredo and Sizzle continue to shout 'thief'

    Astyar: Looks like Lunares Coins. These will come in handy.
    takes lunares coins, then goes home

    * * *

    Stories on 3DS Pedia have had the inclusion of other members these days, so if anyone (who has FL) wants to be featured in the next script, story, or whatever I decide to do, simply put your FL character's username. Thanks for reading!

Recent Comments

  1. MasterofBasics
    Edit: a creator mercenary! (RL name is Tobin)
  2. Megalegacy98
    I wanna be in a next script :3
    I'll be a master hunter and my name is Dylan
  3. SmashChamp
    I'd like to be in as the hero chef :artist:

    Name: Owen

    The only chef to be better then Alfredo!