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Legendary Starfy

the forgotten hero

  1. Rocky
    So, i haven't been very active on 3ds pedia lately, because i've been busy playing legendary starfy 3d! i've been swimming through the oceans talking to bright colourful characters on the nintendo 3ds! wait a minute... no i haven't! Thats because nintendo has almost
    ( http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131225190140/ssb/images/0/03/Stafi.jpg ) completely forgotten about the prince of Pufftop himself, Starfy! i mean, only one of 5 of his games was released internationally, but that was more than 5 years ago! Personally, nintendo should create a new starfy game for 3ds, so fans would finally be able to explore the deep blue in glorious 3d

Recent Comments

  1. Artisan
    Well... The game sorta plays like Kirby only I think with the ability of one or two jumps and the ability to spin. The reason these games weren't brought to other locations is because it would be really unpopular and it only appeals to really young people because it is probably a really simple game.