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Light v.s Dark: Chapter 1: Legends being born

A young woodcutter named Danny is caught in battle against a horrific evil.

  1. SmashChamp
    Let us start the story in myth.......

    Long ago..... there was a forest.... many people lived in this forest, hard working woodcutters cut trees..... paladins, knights, hunters, and wizards protected the land from monsters...... fishers fished up fish.... miners mined..... Alchemist created potions and medicine...... Tailors sewed clothes....... Cooks cooked food..... Carpenters created houses, tables, chairs, and all that good stuff..... and finally.... Blacksmiths made weapons.

    Also there were wanderers.... they just wandered the forest, but there's one bad thing about this life..... There was Light, sharing, and love around the forest, but there was Dark, Evil, and Horribleness. There was a big evil agency called D.E.V.O.R.K! D for destruction, E for Evil, V for Villainous, O for Ominous, R for Rash, and K for Klan ( I know it's clan, but I made it for fun )...... When they caused evil on the land, all hope was lost. But light, a dim light appeared..... and put halt on the evil for 1,000,000 years.

    This book was a legend for a while, but it was thought, " Eh, how could this be true? " and it became a myth. This book was passed on for many generations.

    1,000,017 years later.....
    After all these years..... not much really changed, except there was a new business called, Champ's Crafts. Oh yeah, nobody really had to worry about D.E.V.O.R.K, there was a mysterious fortress labeled, D.E.V.O.R.K Enterprises, but no one really cared to look in there. And the myth was said after all that good stuff, that 15 legendary heroes would come and defeat D.E.V.O.R.K when they rise. D.E.V.O.R.K's mission was to capture these heroes.

    A young man named Danny was a woodcutter, they cut trees to sell to Carpenters, and the fruit and nuts to sell to chefs. " This looks like a good palm tree. " Danny said faced with a giant palm tree. " Let's get cutting. " Danny said grabbing his ask. Danny hit the tree hard, 5 times and the tree tumbled down. Danny cut the tree into many logs and put them into a big wagon.

    " The carpenter will be pleased. " Danny said pulling the wagon. Then something hit the wagon and lots of logs got smashed, along with the wagon. " Huh? " Danny said looking back at the smashed wood. " Ugh, the carpenter won't be pleased that he needs to make a new wagon. " Danny said letting out a sigh. Then a knight appeared with a large blade.

    " Who are you? " Danny said cautiously pulling out his axe. " It appears you are apposed with the ancient light. " the knight said in a deep voice. " Wait, what? " Danny said confused. Then the sword crashed down in front of him. " Hey! " Danny said startled walking slowly away. Then the knight threw a punch and nailed him. Danny was on the ground and the knight started a powerful slash on him. Then a mysterious girl jumped in and parried the strike and followed up with a counter slash.

    " Stand back. " the girl demanded glaring at Danny. " OK. " Danny said standing back. The girl slashed the armor and it broke revealing a man covered with black robes and a hood. The man dashed off and was nowhere to be seen. " Who are you? " Danny asked. : My name is Haley.

    " Thanks for saving me. " Danny said. " No problem. " Haley said. " Well, it seemed like a problem, I guess i'll just go to the carpenter and tell him what happened..... " Danny said. " No. " Haley said. " Your a legendary hero born with the light, you must come with me. " Haley said. " I'm no hero, but you saved my life so i'll come along.

    Hope you enjoyed, I'll explain there looks next chapter.

Recent Comments

  1. MasterofBasics
    Those are all the lifes in Fantasy Life... I like the story tho!
    1. SmashChamp
      Blogger's Response
      I purposely did all the lives in FL :3

      Thanks tho
  2. Earth2543
    i feel like i have seen a name dandy some where before....
    good story btw :3

    (and my 2nd chapter is out just so you know)
    1. SmashChamp
      Blogger's Response

      I'll get straight to reading :3