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Light v.s. Dark Chapter 2: Ring of Power

Danny and Haley meet with Champ, a master of crafts, and Champ's Miners find a strange ring.

  1. SmashChamp
    Last time.......
    While 13 year old Danny was cutting trees, mysterious knights appear and attack Danny. Luckily 15 year old Haley appears to protect Danny from the mysterious knights. Haley decides to explain to Danny the legend from.... Devork's side.

    " I have a question. " Danny said. " What?! " Haley said. " How do you know the story from DEVORK's side? " Danny asked. " Oh... " Haley said in a weak voice. " You see..... I was once a Devork agent. The knights you, or I fought were Devork knights. " Haley explained. " I betrayed them a long time ago.... 3 years ago. " Haley said.

    3 years ago Devork was starting to rise. They heard about the light returning making new heroes to stop them again. Once Demonic, the leader of Devork started trapping people and forcing them to work for DEVORK. I was trapped in her evil clutches and had to work for her when I was 12, but once I was 13 I betrayed them and destroyed there machine to track heroes. Immediately after I did Demonic and I fought, but it wasn't long till I was worn out. I was sent out of Devork's base and decided to try to find the heroes and protect them from Demonic.

    " Wow! " Danny said. " Then they saw big, bulky people with axes and they were cutting down trees. " Another wood cutter it seems. " Danny said. Then a bow was launched right behind Danny. " What?! " Danny said pulling out his ax. " That's strange. Haley said. " From my knowledge Devork agents don't have bows. " Then who else would try to get me? " Danny said in a scared voice. Then a person jumped from a pile of bushes with a bow and arrow. " Why hello. " the person said. " Uh, hi? " Danny said. " Then they got a closer view of her. She was a tall girl with long purple hair and a sky blue shirt with small rips and black jeans.

    " So.... " She said aiming her bow at Danny. " What are you doing!? " Haley said taking a stealthy jump and kicked her making her drop her bow and knocking her on the ground. " Fine. " the girl said getting up. " Take this! " she said grabbing Haley. Then Haley carefully slid under her and jump kicked her from the back knocking her on the ground. " Gah!. " she said. Then she rolled grabbed the bow and jumped over Haley's attempt to grab her. Then she shot a bow at Haley. " Ow.... " Haley said kneeling to try to get the pain out. Then the girl kicked Haley back and she rolled down. Then Danny tackled the girl. " Why are you doing this? " Danny asked.

    " It isn't your business. " she said grabbing Danny and spinning him making him dizzy. " Take this! " she said grabbing and throwing Danny and he landed on his back. Then the woodcutters came and grabbed the girl. " What are you doing? " he said. " Nothing that you'll understand. " the girl said kicking him on the stomach. Then she fled.

    Then the woodcutters walked to Danny and Haley and helped them up. " You must be tired. I'll bring you to Champ, he's an alchemist, expert with medicine. " he said getting his wagon. The woodcutter drove them to Champ's factory. " OK, were there he said. They walked to Champ's place and he was seen roasting Mutton. " Hi. " Champ said flipping the Mutton on a plate. " Would you like something? " Champ asked curiously. " We were caught in battle and where hoping for some medication. " OK! " he said. I should have some Gold weed, Heal Weed, and Mountain Spring water here.

    Champ expertly made a purple liquid and put it into two bottles. " It might taste a tad bitter, but it will cure you. " Champ said. " Thanks. " Danny said taking a gulp. " You can stay at the guest room for tonight. Once you wake up you should be healed. " Champ said with a small smile. " Champ! " a voice yelled and a young boy with a pickax appeared. " What is the problem? " Champ said. " It's not a problem, but I found a strange ring. " the boy said lifting a pretty ring. The ring was made of pure gold with Amethyst, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, and even Jade scattered on it. " Wow! It looks like it could make a pretty Lamp, or even a tasty dish! " Champ said. " It doesn't look edible, but we should examine it. " the miner said. " Yeah, do that. " Champ said. Haley and Danny then took a rest in the guest room.


    Character looks.

    Danny: Shortish brown hair, blue eyes, green shorts, brown shirt.
    Haley: Long white hair with a small horn of blue hair. Navy blue shirt with white fuzz and blue jeans.
    Champ: Shortish blonde hair, Green eyes, black pants, and white shirt,