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More info on Xenoblade X !

Online features, even if they're unknown at the moment, are confirmed!

  1. D4rkDragon
    Monolith Soft decided to give us more info about Xenoblade Chronicles X!

    According to them, the game is in its final stage of development. Also, as you may have noticed, in my last post on the game, I included a link to the game's website (xenobladex.jp < It's in Japanese). Monolith Soft said that they got surprised by the number of visits the website got!

    Of course, they even got too much visits, and their website suffered from an overload (due to the music on the website looping, and too many visitors' computers requesting the data at the same time) and they were obligated to change their server plans.

    While the server overload has no relation with the game, the end of their blog post teased that Xenoblade X will have online features through this quote: "Huh? Online elements? Of course the game will have some!"

    I don't know what kind of online elements it will have, but the director of the game, Tetsuya Takahashi said that more info will be released on the game's official Twitter account (https://twitter.com/XenobladeJP < Japanese posts again).

    (Off-Topic: If you want to hear the music on the website, you'll have to click that [♪ ON] button !)

Recent Comments

  1. AliTheAce
    I am definitely looking forward to this game. I loved the orginal Xenoblade Chronicles on the WIi to bits, and the overworld in Xenoblade X looks AMAZING.
    1. D4rkDragon
      Blogger's Response
      Xenoblade Chronicles was amazing after all... And that's true that this game looks so realistic on the Wii U ! In a fact, this game is even why I want a Wii U!
  2. Chibi Asriel
    Chibi Asriel
    1. D4rkDragon
      Blogger's Response
      I can't, the game isn't even released or finished (last stage of development)!
  3. OopaMazo
    Seems like Xenoblade Chronicles X will be a pretty cool game! Nice informative blog post!
    1. D4rkDragon
      Blogger's Response
      It will be ! If you want a to have a quick look at it, I suggest you the Treehouse Live (E3) Nintendo did on it. The map is even bigger than the one we had in Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) !