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My Model 1887 Gameplay (Finally, you know how I play)

The model 1887 isn't my best weapon in MW3, but you'll see how effectively I used it.

  1. Marc
    Some of you wanted to see some of my Call of Duty gameplay and today I'll show you the only video of my gameplay that I uploaded to the Internet in 2012. It's an old Call of Duty game - Modern Warfare 3.

    I used the Model 1887, one of the toughest shotguns to use in the game so don't expect to see me at my best haha. I don't think 70% of the Call of Duty online community can use it effectively. In the first couple of minutes I didn't do so well (darn short range weakness, heh) but I did better later down. My main weapon in MW3's multiplayer is the MP7 which I use flawlessly.

    Without further ado :

    I probably will upload and share more of my gameplay once I find a good free screen recording software. For now, that's me using the model 1887 in MW3.

Recent Comments

  1. Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange
    Am I hearing Yuri Lowenthall yell gibberish in Russian?
  2. DarkDragonz87
    Nice gameplay, your pretty good! I tend to use Assault Rifles more than Shotguns. And MW3 was my favorite COD, but I moved on to Battlefield.
  3. AliTheAce
    Wow, you have the exact same playstyle as me! I love to rush, knife, and I use care packages as well. Great gameplay. Is this on PC?
    Model 1887+FMG-9 Akimbo + Dome=Ownage! >:D
    1. Marc
      Blogger's Response
      PC, yes. In MW3, everyone complained whenever you use the FMG-9 Akimbo or tubes. I used to run around with an RPG alone with the scavenger perk when I was bored but my main weapon was the MP7 + silencer. With my MP7 class, I used the chopper, something else and the osprey gunner :P
  4. Magik
    Awesome your really good!
  5. Derp
    Woah Marc you were on fire. You are also a very good stabber/shanker. I saw a lot campers in the video btw. Nice vid. Hope you upload more!
    1. Marc
      Blogger's Response
      Yeah. Call of Duty has a lot and I mean a lot of campers. There was this video that trolled campers that I enjoyed watching, where the guy danced and spun around while the camper wasn't noticing him.

      Also, they don't call me "Y U No Knife" for nothing :P