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My Rants about the Modern age:Today:Music

Goddamn how much I hate the 2000s

  1. Slowpoke
    A few 30 years ago the teenagers that wanted to be cool had to listen to such bands like Metallica,Slayer,Kreator,Black Sabbath,Iron Maiden,Death, and alike
    And today everyone that listens to crappy Pop and Dubstep is automattically cool
    And even the Pop music was better to that time!
    I´m not a Big Rap fan but even I agree that Rap Music lost Quality!
    Rock didn´t die but evolved into Metal but today every band that screams like stupid and hits around on their instruments like Stupid is counted as Metal!

    80s Metal Band:

    One of todays most succesfull Metal bands (Warning contains swearing):

    Also what happened to quality Death Metalo_O?
    I´ll never undserstand today´s kids especially Beliebers
    Ps.Justin Bieber is so ugly tha picture of him made my Laptop crash

    My Rating for Modern Music:
    10 out of 10 Pukeys :vomit:

Recent Comments

  1. Spinnerweb
    I don't think anyone who listens to music just to be cool actually enjoys it, even if they're listening to great bands like Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden <3

    Rock isn't dead either, just in a certain phase. I have hope that rock will become the mainstream again in some years when lots of bands that are not being noticed right now become cool all of a sudden. Metal is a subgenre of rock to me, no matter what others say that they're separate - they're not I tell you, RRAAWWWWW! Excuse me. I don't mind screaming in music; I love several screaming bands. I agree that the number of bands that make it into the big-time has declined sharply, but we still have the old rockers :D Alice Cooper hasn't croaked yet.

    Another thing that might make you happier - the best 'screaming metal' bands like Bullet for My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold have moved towards a more and more hard rock sound with each album. I don't mind either way. I adore them :D I dunno about Slipknot, never listened to them.

    Idiotic acts like Pitbull and Nicki Minaj may ruin it for everyone, but I keep to my rock'n'roll so it doesn't affect me much :3

    W.A.S.P. are an 80's band and their new album is coming soon. You should give it a look if you miss 80's metal because they rule \m/
    1. Slowpoke
      Blogger's Response
      W.A.S.P still exists?
      Or is that not the controversial band I thin of?