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My Strange Obsession: Fluffy Cows

Greatest creature- the cow, especially ones that are fluffy.

  1. CrazyElf
    Yea, it's a stupid blog post, but I had to post this.

    Have you ever wondered why cows are one of the greatest creatures to ever live on the planet? I have. Cows were destined to be great... Especially fluffy ones.
    Yeah... looking at this pure beauty... I just can't explain this feeling of why... I have an obsession... over fluffy cows.

    Yep. I said it. I have an obsession over those beautiful and majestic fluffy cows. I mean, just look at this! Pure. Beauty.
    I feel like fluffy cows were meant to attract humans. Whenever I look at a cow, I think: Gee, that's one heck of a cow... And that's just a regular cow. Imagine my reaction when I see a cow, that's FLUFFY. Yep, a crazy, but cheerful reaction.

    Gah... let's get to the point. Why do i like fluffy cows, exactly? Simple. It's. A. FLUFFY. COW!
    What can get any better than that?

    Let's hope that I don't discover more fluffy organisms. Otherwise, that would mean another crazy obsession.

Recent Comments

  1. 3dsatackman
    They are cute :) (btw that kid in pink in the gif xD
    1. CrazyElf
      Blogger's Response
      Cute indeed :D
  2. Slowpoke
    Who doesnt life cute Fluffy Animals :3
    1. CrazyElf
      Blogger's Response
      Everyone loves cows.
  3. Magik
    Haha! My hair is fluffy :/
    1. CrazyElf