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Tribute To Max, the Beta Fish: RIP

Tribute blog to my dead fish.

  1. CrazyElf
    Before we start, let's get some music that fits the mood.

    So recently (about a day ago), my beta fish named Max died. Several of you already know this, and I mentioned that I'd make a tribute blog to my fish. Well, here it is.

    I've had my beta fish, Max, as a pet for about 3 years. It was orange and yellow, little, and cute. I loved how it swam around in its fish bowl. Good memories.

    I fed him, talked to him bit, and suddenly, I found Max dead. Its lifeless body was floating upside down in the fish bowl. It either got fried by the sun, I over fed it, or it just got... Too old.

    Max is dead. It didn't get a proper burial or funeral, either. Landfills don't count (yeah, it got buried by trash in the trash can, and then into a landfill). I'm very upset, basically.

    Max, if you're reading this, you were my best fish friend. I love yah buddy. Rest in peace, Max. RIP.

    I feel kinda stupid doing this blog, but I feel like I should do it, anyway.

    RIP Max.

Recent Comments

  1. OopaMazo
    My condolences... :'(
  2. Megalegacy98
    ;-; ;-; I guess it was time...